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If you’re looking for great, unlimited hospital cover at either a Network or private hospital with essential day-to-day Savings for your everyday health needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Maxima EntrySaver, Maxima Saver and Maxima Basis plans will take care of you without breaking the bank. The great news is that once your Savings run out, you will still benefit from unlimited visits to a Network FP to keep you in good health.


Apart from unlimited hospital cover, these three hospital plans also offer you day-to-day Savings.

  • Maxima Saver

    A hardworking hospital plan that really saves you more!

    Available as a GRID OPTION
    From R1 871 p/m.
  • Maxima EntrySaver

    Excellent hospital cover with added entry-level savings

    From R1 640 p/m.
  • Maxima Basis

    An innovative hospital plan with savings, perfect for young families

    Available as a GRID OPTION
    From R2 251 p/m.