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Enjoy great savings with Sanlam Reality!

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle, wellness, rewards and financial education programme available to all Fedhealth medical aid members. Taking care of your money is rewarding, therefore the Reality Health membership option has been specifically tailored to help Fedhealth members save money on travel and entertainment, day-to-day expenses, and learn more about achieving financial fitness. These are the benefits available on the Reality Health membership option:


Wealth Sense: Your guide to help you become financially fit.

Sanlam Product Benefits

Gap Cover: Get an additional hospital cash benefit with Sanlam Gap Cover.

Sanlam Savings Products: Save up to 100% on primary asset management charges!

Sanlam Premier Risk products: Get up to 30% discount on risk benefits!

Tax Tim: Easy tax returns with your free Tax Tim package!

Online Wills: Draft an online Will for free and entrust it with Sanlam Trust for safekeeping!

Day-to-Day Savings:

Money Saver Card: Get a cash-back bonus of up to 10% on your day-to-day shopping.


Planet Fitness Gym: Save up to 80% on monthly fees!

JustGym: Save up to 80% on monthly fees!

Virgin Active Gym: Save up to 60% on monthly fees!

For more information on this gym benefit – Click here


Mango Flights: Get as much as 30% on Mango flights!

Protea Hotels: Save as much as 30% on accommodation with Protea Hotels by Marriot!

Uber Airport Transfers: Save as much as 30% on Uber rides to and from the airport!

Emirates Flights: Save as much as 25% on international flights!

Tempest Car Hire: Save as much as 50% with Tempest, plus get unlimited mileage and Super Cover!

Bidvest Premier Lounge: Enjoy free access to the Bidvest Premier Lounge!

Travel Insurance: Free Access to international travel insurance.


Nu Metro Movies and Refreshments: 30 Tickets (2D or 3D); 30 refreshments combos.

Computicket Shows and Sport: Buy one; get one free (up to R300)

Dining: As much as R120 off second main meal.

Simfy Africa Music Streaming: Get six months’ free, then 7.5% off music streaming.

Wi-Fi: Get 1GB free Wi-Fi every month.

Personal Services:

Personal Assistant: 24/7, 365 days a year.

Pet Insurance

What does Sanlam Reality offer members?

  • More than 20 amazing benefits to help you save time and money. These benefits are divided into the following categories: Wealth, Day-to-Day Savings, Health, Travel, Entertainment and Personal Services
  • Family membership options, which allows dependants to join the programme and utilise the benefits independently of the principal member.
  • A Bronze, Silver and Gold tiering structure that allows members to earn more discounts.
  • A day-to-day transactional shopping card called Money Saver, which pays out an annual or quarterly cash-back bonus. You can earn back up to 10% of your monthly spend when you shop at our list of national retailers.
  • An online platform called Wealth Sense, with free access to money calculators, tools, tips, digital magazines and more…

Reality Health: Benefits and Discounts

Reality Health Single & Family
Sanlam Premier Risk Products Up to 30% off
Sanlam Savings Products Up to 100% off primary asset management charges
Sanlam Gap Cover Extra cover for your hospital stay
Online Wills Free Will storage at Sanlam
TaxTim Free help with tax returns
Wealth Sense Online financial platform
Day-to-Day Savings
Money Saver Card Cash-back bonus of as much as 10%
Planet Fitness Gym As much as 80% off
JustGym As much as 80% off
Virgin Active Gym As much as 60% off
Mango Flights As much as 30% off
Protea Hotels As much as 30% off
Uber Airport Transfers As much as 30% off
Emirates Flights As much as 25% off
Tempest Car Hire As much as 50% off
Bidvest Premier Lounge Free Access
International Travel Insurance Free Access
Nu Metro Movies and Refreshments 30 tickets (2D or 3D); 30 refreshments combos
Computicket Shows and Sport Buy one, get one free (up to R300)
Dining As much as R120 off second main meal
Simfy Africa Music Streaming Get six months free
Wi-Fi Get 1GB free Wi-Fi monthly
Reality Magazine Quarterly
Personal Services
Personal Assistant 24/7, 365 days a year
Pet Insurance

What is the Money Saver card?

The Money Saver card is a world-class day-to-day transactional shopping card. Every time you use your Money Saver card at our list of national partners including Pick n Pay, participating Engens, Dis-Chem, Clicks, Edgars and more, you will earn towards a cash-back bonus.

Fixed rebate percentage (irrespective of spend): Petrol and pharmacy.

Bronze Silver Gold
Fuel 5.0% 7.5% 10.0%
Pharmacy 5.0% 7.5% 10.0%

Variable rebate percentage (dependent on spend): Groceries and goods.

Bronze Silver Gold
≤R5000 1.5% 2.0% 2.5%
R5001 – R10000 3.0% 4.0% 5.0%
≥ R10001 6.0% 8.0% 10.0%

How do I join Sanlam Reality?

Contact your Fedhealth broker and complete a Sanlam Reality application form.

The Reality Health membership option is available to Fedhealth members.

To find out more about Sanlam Reality, browse the website www.sanlamreality.co.za.