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24 Hour Nurse Line

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24 Hour Nurse Line Download Brochure

Call the 24-hour Nurse Line on 0860 333 432

Before making that appointment at the doctor or rushing off to the emergency room, getting the right medical advice can save you time and money. Our 24-hour Nurse Line is provided free of charge to all Fedhealth members, where our experienced nursing staff can answer your questions about unfamiliar symptoms, medical and drug information, dealing with sick children, nutrition and diet, or more sensitive topics. All queries are treated in a confidential and professional manner.


Our nurses can assist by:

  • Assessing your day-to-day symptoms for various common illnesses like colds and referring you to the appropriate healthcare provider
  • Providing you with important health knowledge on any aspect of health, from surgery to detailed information on anything from lice and moles, to measles or mumps
  • Explaining medical terms, test results and procedures
  • Providing expert counselling on any chronic ailments or diseases that you or a loved one may have
  • Providing expert information on medicines, including purpose, side effects, and contra-indications
  • A database on poisoning protocols
  • Health counselling for things like cancer, HIV/Aids, diabetes or asthma
  • Addiction counselling
  • Stress management
  • A Teen Line for advice and counsel for teenagers on physical, emotional and sexual questions and problems they may be experiencing, as well as help for abused or neglected children


Download more on the 24 Hour Nurse Line Benefit, or call us on 0860 333 432.