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These days, looking after every Rand is important. Especially when it comes to paying for medical aid, which is already a costly but necessary expense.

But there is a remedy at hand for overpriced medical aid.

Fedhealth is still the ONLY medical scheme that lets YOU create your aid with at least five different price points on every option, yet zero difference in the quality of benefits.

Create YOUR medical aid, YOUR way.

Discount 1:
Save 11% with GRID and make use of over 120 world-class network hospitals.

Discount 2:
Save 25% with Elect and pay a R13 000 excess on planned admissions.

Day-to-Day structure 1:
Supercharged Hospital Plan

keep your cost as low as possible while ensuring excellent private hospital cover.

Day-to-Day structure 2:
Supercharged Savings Plan

enhance your Supercharged Hospital Plan with an annual pool of funds for day-to-day expenses.

Day-to-Day structure 3:
Supercharged Flexible Savings Plan

the only option in SA where you only pay for the day-to-day benefits you actually use.