Everyone Needs a Mentor

Everyone Needs a Mentor

14 August 2018

So, you got hired, they’re paying you well, and you get the occasional pat on the back… then, why do you need a mentor?

Truth is behind many a success story is a fantastic mentor. Some of the biggest names in business have always had mentors and taken advice and guidance from them. In fact, Bill Gates, currently listed as the richest person in the world, credits part of his success to his mentor, businessman and investor Warren Buffet, for teaching him how to deal with tough situations and how to think long-term. And, according to Richard Branson, entrepreneurs with mentors show that they are willing to learn, open to different perspectives, and adaptable to change.

This hot new trend seems to be a must-have accessory for ambitious professionals. New research from North Carolina State University found that young people who have had mentors are more likely to find work early in their careers that give them more responsibility and autonomy, ultimately putting them on a path to more financially and personally rewarding careers.

One of the key realities on life’s journey is the fact that no one is an island and that no one can succeed in a vacuum. Each one of us will require other people’s help, support, insight, feedback and resources at one point in our journey.

So, if you want to become a tennis player, why not learn from the best tennis player in town? Being able to learn from people who’ve walked the path before you is immensely valuable. And, choosing a mentor comes down to knowing what you want to achieve. Sometimes all you need is someone to look up to, someone who has been in your shoes yet created their own path to success. Someone with a similar background and whose life you think you might want in five years. Chemistry is a must, there has to be some common ground between the mentee and the mentor for you to have a level of comfort, trust and respect.

Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from having a mentor.

A good mentor will:

Motivate you to accomplish more than you think you can. He/she will have a better understanding of life’s setbacks and will keep you motivated to keep hustling.

Expect the best from you and will increase your chances of success. He/she will think of ideas and opportunities a newbie won’t think of. 80% of CEO’s of big companies accept that they have received mentorship in some form.

Never allow you to give up on yourself. You’ll have someone who’s got your back. If you’re contending with colleagues for a promotion, your mentor can offer some advice and sing your praises to the decision makers.

Tell the truth, even when it hurts. By pointing out your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll gain self-awareness on how to become a team player.

Occasionally kick your butt to help you stay in demand.

Really care about your success. He/she will stop you from making the wrong decisions which directly or indirectly could save you time and money.

“ If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton.

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