Hands-on health

Hands-on health

30 May 2019

How much time did you and your partner spend together this week? Has your “till death do us part” become a little weathered by the world around you?

Let’s face it, life is crazy! Work, family commitments, school, soccer, dance classes, friends, health, birthday parties, babies… so much on your to-do list, right? But, are you worried about losing the “couple” part of your life?

Also, think about it, aren’t most fights about not feeling connected to each other? Leading relationship researcher and author of What Makes Love Last? How-to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal, Dr John Gottman, advocates that a six-second kiss between long-term partners every day “serve as a temporary oasis.” Truth is, as humans we crave, and desperately need physical touch; it is the kind of primal safety you feel from being touched, knowing that you are seen, valued, and comforted in your most vulnerable moments.

However, being touched by those we love doesn’t merely make us feel good. Studies show that touch has a profound effect on our health. For starters, it can increase the levels of the neuropeptide oxytocin in your brain and therefore increase feelings of trust, generosity, and compassion. In addition, it improves heart health, lowers blood pressure and stress levels, thereby strengthening the immune system.

So yeah, turns out that to improve your health you don’t have to tackle grandiose health goals. Simply “touch” your partner with a few simple, intentional moves:

  • Affirm your love before the day begins. Before work, kids and fatigue; make sure that your partner feels your love. Begin the day with a great kiss, or at the very least a sincere “I love you.” This may sound simple, but it’s often the simple things that make the biggest difference.
  • Schedule a date. I know, I know – big surprise. Date nights = everyone’s solution to emotional closeness, but seriously, finding the time to spend together is crucial. Hold hands and remember, any kiss over five seconds has wonderful possibilities…
  • Have sex, okay so this one is obvious.
  • Share a hot bev. Make sure that your hands touch each other as you share this morning ritual. Make it a daily habit and it will give you a chance to connect even briefly.
  • Go green and shower together. Seriously – you can save time, and enjoy each other’s company while saving the planet… all at once!
  • Sweat together. Working out together will kill two birds with one healthy stone. Studies show that 94% of couples stick to a fitness program when they do it together. Other research shows that sex is more enjoyable when you’re physically fit. Enough said.
  • Embrace him/her after a long day and say thank you. For taking out the trash or for going to work every day so that all of you can have a better life. Make sure that your partner knows that you appreciate all that they do.

Turns out that the simple act of touch can brighten up a bad day, help you to relax, and even fight off illness.

So, if you and your partner regularly find yourselves sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, get cozy!

As Fabrice Bousteau recently wrote: “The more you touch, the more you’re touched.”

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