Holiday Packing Tricks

Holiday Packing Tricks

12 December 2018

Here’s the thing, we all aspire to pack light and while some are successful, most of us can’t help but bring everything and the kitchen sink! Studies show that women, especially, overpack by 50%!

For a lot of us packing for a trip is a last minute job we try desperately to fit into our busy lives. And, although not given much thought, a US study found that packing it is one of the biggest stressors related to travelling. Unsurprisingly, more than two thirds of couples fight while packing!

True, culling down to a limited wardrobe is haaard, but it’s totally worth it! Of course packing involves deeply personal decisions; after all everyone has their own ideas of comfort and style, but you need to remind yourself that no one looks stylish when they’re hot, sweaty, and stressed from heaving heavy luggage. Traveling light gives you the extra freedom and flexibility you need while you’re on holiday. So yes, it’s totally possible and easier than you think.

We have a few handy tips that will help you to pack smarter and lighter:

Make a list. This will make sure that you not only cut down on items to bring, but also remember to bring underwear. (You’ll never forget underwear twice by the way!)

Choose a small lightweight suitcase. Some kind of immutable law of physics makes us pack whatever size bag we have to the absolute exploding point. The only way to avoid overpacking is to use a smaller suitcase, simple as that!

Pack only for 7 days, no matter how long you’re travelling. Plan to do laundry along the way.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them – it minimises wrinkles and maximises space.

Ball your socks and underwear and stick them inside your shoes.

Take lots of tops but barely any bottoms. No one will notice if you wear the same jeans every day if you have different tops and accessories. One pear of jeans, yes one, and some denim cut-offs… all you need!

Choose items that can perform double duty. E.g. a sarong is not only a beach cover-up, but it could also be a shawl for cooler evenings or used as a skirt as clothes start to run out.

Pack two or three lightweight colourful dresses as well as at least one black maxi dress. No matter what your age or size, a long black cotton dress can be appropriate for pretty much any occasion. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a grubby backpacker on a night out.

Be choosy about shoes. A pair of wedges, one pair of flat sandals or flip flops, and a pair of trainers or loafers. Done!

Pack only colour-coordinated items. That way everything mixes and matches. Add colour and pattern with scarfs, and don’t forget the holiday earrings – a swish gelato-coloured silky chandelier, booyah!

One perfect swimsuit. Expensive yes, but worth it.

One sweater or hoody.

Remove all “just in case” items.

Go with mini toiletries. Decant your favourites into tiny plastic travel containers and seal the lot in a zip-lock bag.

Wear your bulkiest clothes on travel day.

Oh, one more good rule: try to keep a little space for souvenirs, gifts and presents.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Happy (light) travels everyone!


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