How to Enjoy the Job You Hate

How to Enjoy the Job You Hate

16 April 2019

Millionaire business owner Grant Cardone said: “To be successful you have to get good at what you hate.” Think about it, if you can rise to the challenge in a position that you dislike, you’ll be more than ready for the challenges that come with something that you love.

According to a Gallup poll, up to 85% of the world’s work force hate their jobs. Hey, even if you’re lucky enough to do what you love, there will be bad days, it’s inevitable. Every job comes with its downsides. Yep, it’s called “work” for a reason.

So, if you don’t like your job, quit, right? Thing is, as much as you’d love to box up your workspace and bid adieu to your supervisor, quitting isn’t always a realistic option. But, is it even remotely possible to make the most of a job that doesn’t bring you joy? The answer is “yes”!

Sure, many circumstances warrant quitting and, if it’s really time to walk, you should do that.

However, if you need to tough it out, here are a few tricks to help you get by:

  • Keep things in perspective. You are working to live, not living to work. Remind yourself that work is work and that you have a life outside of work to enjoy.
  • Change your mindset. Resist negativity. Make a list of the positive aspects of your job and keep it front and centre every day. Whether it’s free training, or all the good coffee… whatever makes you smile, take advantage of that.
  • Keep showing up. See every day as an opportunity to conquer new challenges. After all, what’s more challenging than making it through eight hours at a job you hate? Not much. Shirking your responsibilities and withdrawing will only make things worse.
  • Do your best work. Mediocrity will only add fuel to your discontented fire.
  • Make small changes. Changing your office environment can make a big difference. A fast computer, a few plants, a buddy to chat with every day – these changes may not address your annoyances, but they will go a long way towards boosting your mood.
  • Leave work at work. A negative work environment tends to impact every aspect of your life. When you leave work, avoid complaining about it, it’s hard, but it’s important.
  • Boost your happiness outside of work. Delve into that hobby that you love and socialise with people who make you happy.
  • Have the tough conversations. Speak up. Brave and honest conversations could lead to solutions and increase your happiness.
  • Pay it forward. Sometimes the best way to forget how tough things are, is to lend others a helping hand.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to find the perfect workplace, with the perfect boss and the perfect colleagues to be happy.

Remember, you are in control of how you look at life, you can flip the script. So, change what you can control and influence what you can’t.


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