How to travel on a shoestring budget?

How to travel on a shoestring budget?

27 November 2023

Itchy feet? If money is holding your wanderlust hostage, this one’s for you.

Is it even possible to travel on a budget? Before you scoff at the idea of a cheap trip, know that travelling on a budget doesn’t equate to staying at a questionable motel or eating all your meals at fast food joints. Not at all. You can make your travel dreams a reality – without breaking the bank! It’s all about finding the balance between adventure and your budget.

First of all, an affordable, under-the-radar, less-hyped destination is the way to go. Here’s the thing, everyone dreams of getting to Greece in the summer, but Albania is a fraction of the cost and comes equipped with breathtaking coastlines.

If you’re a backpacker consider Nepal, or maybe India. The mountains in Ladakh, the tropical haven of Goa, and the beaches of Kerala could lead you to the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Or discover Hanoi in Vietnam; see the waterfalls, beaches, and national parks for free! Think beaches, surfing, wildlife, hiking; you name it, Sri Lanka’s got it, and all on a budget. The possibilities are truly endless. Remember, adventures aren’t restricted to big cities.

While it may seem like traveling is exclusive to those with cash to spare, you don’t have to overspend to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Here are a few tips on how to stretch your travelling moolah:

  • Make the most of loyalty programmes, use anything that can help you to save.
  • Book ahead. Legit, this may be the best advice. The closer the departure date, the more the prices increase. Use travel apps to compare and track options. Let cheap flights lead the way.
  • Fly mid-week. Book your flights between Tuesday and Thursday, it’s always cheaper.
  • Pack like a Pro. As a rule of thumb, pack only what you need. Double check the critical items before you leave home, so you don’t have to shop while you’re away.
  • Swap the hotel for an Airbnb. They are safe, clean and very popular globally.
  • Explore couch surfing. Use your social network. Does your colleague have a relative in Spain? Or maybe a childhood friend is working in Brazil. Don’t hesitate to use that.
  • Skip overpriced tours. With all the information available online, it’s easy to conduct your own tour for free.
  • Eat like the locals. Avoid touristy restaurants. Opt for street food, food halls or local markets.
  • Pack snacks to prevent getting hangry and succumbing to overpriced food.
  • Get a local SIM card. Data roaming or paying for Wi-Fi abroad can be extortionate.
  • Hunt for free things to do. Psst … museums and parks are often free. Enjoy fun local events such as festivals, markets, and concerts.
  • Use public transport. Studying train, bus, and subway routes for your intended destination can be time well spent.
  • Be frugal with drinks. Alcoholic drinks are costly at bars and regular restaurants. Bring your own water bottle to fill up for free from fountains, cafes, or mountain springs.

Life is meant for spectacular adventures, don’t you think?

Bon Voyage!


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