New relationship tips

New relationship tips

6 November 2023

So, you’ve met someone you’re really interested in, and the feeling is mutual. Congrats! There’s nothing more exciting than a new relationship … someone out there thinks you’re funny! And cute! And smart! They want to know all about your day and respond to your texts at once … it doesn’t get any better than this, right? But where is this going? Is he/she the one?

There’s a good chance you’ve covered the basic information on your first few dates, but in order for your relationship to flourish and thrive, it’s important to know your partner inside and out. After all, understanding their core value and beliefs is a key indicator of how compatible you are.

Going official can mean many things: becoming exclusive, deciding on a label, or just deleting your dating apps. Now that you have a bit more security in your connection, you might feel like you have the opportunity to ask deeper questions and learn even more about your honey.

How specific questions should be – and what you should ask – really depends on who the other person is and what they have going on in their life – what their stressors might be, or what their hopes and dreams are.

An ideal partner is emotionally mature, honest, communicative, open to feedback, interested in your thoughts and feelings, independent, respectful, equal, compassionate, physically affectionate, and has a sense of humor. Phew! This may sound like a long list, but these basic qualities, in the long run, matter more than anything else.

So don’t be shy, ask him/her what their favorite time of the day is? Let them know that you’re interested in what their family dynamic is like, or what their favorite childhood memory is? Ask about their dreams for the future and what they think their superpower is? Have they cheated on previous partners before, and what their love language is? Be interested in what their perfect day would be like, and ask them about the best gift they’ve ever received.

The feeling of new love is one of the most incredible feelings we’re gifted with on this earth; it should be nurtured and enjoyed. But be cool, there’s no rush. Go for morning walks, lunch dates, and dinners with friends. It can be illuminating to see your partner navigate different situations. Maybe they’re always nice to you but competitive around friends. Good to know, right?

Also, keep living your life, continue to spend time with family and friends and make time for hobbies and passions. Value your alone time and don’t talk about the future until it’s time to talk about the future. Treat yourself well and make time for self-care as you navigate through the first few fragile months, it will set an example of how your partner should treat you.

We tend to get so lost in the over-thinking part of it all that we forget that falling for someone and developing a relationship is FUN. The dopey grin, the butterflies … it’s a special time between the two of you that will be something you will always remember whether it ends up working out or not.

Be happy in your “couple bubble” – as corny as that sounds!


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