Should you believe what your horoscope says about you?

Should you believe what your horoscope says about you?

4 September 2023

“What’s your sign?” may be a great conversation starter and usually ignites answers like “Oh, I’m a typical taurus!” – but whether or not we can factually describe our personality based on a zodiac sign or predict life events from a horoscope column, is still to be proven.

Yet, across the globe, interest in Western astrology is soaring, especially among young people. Astrology, for so long seen as the territory of new agers still stuck in the 70s, is having a moment.

According to Google Trends, searches for “birth chart” and “astrology” both hit five-year peaks since 2020, and many astrologers report that business took off under lockdown. TikTok introduced a generation of newcomers to the language of the zodiac, and made internet celebrities of its most successful astrological accounts.

It seems as if a new vanguard of astrologers – younger and more diverse than the industry has known before – emerged on social media. Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find more ordinary people from all walks of life posting about their signs as naturally as they would about their breakfast! As an LA Times headline puts it: “Millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals.” However, is there any science to back up whether astrology impacts our personality and our lives?

Nope, None whatsoever. So, why is astrology making a resurgence across social media, especially with both Millennial and Gen Z audiences?

Here’s the thing, as the wellness industry booms and the #selfcareohyeah audiences tune into their physical, mental and spiritual health, it’s not illogical to hypothesize that the recent rise in the popularity of astrology is linked to our obsession with all things wellness. And as we try to improve and ultimately understand ourselves, our zodiac signs provide a template to comprehend who we are and what we need on a deeper level.

Also, looking outside the trend, if one thing is for certain, it’s that we are living in an age of great uncertainty. As humans we are hardwired to dislike and avoid uncertainty. And when we can’t predict the future, it’s understandable that some of us would turn to astrology for clues. Let’s face it, astrology has come a long way since 1930 when the very first horoscope column appeared in Britain’s Sunday Express. Fast forward to 2023 and, as a result of the pandemic, people are striving for answers even more so. But there are risks.

While finding joy and fulfillment in reading astrology materials is one thing, basing major life decisions entirely on disproven science is risky. Study after study has failed to support claims that astrology can predict the future or offer insights into personality. All scientific efforts to confirm its power have failed. It’s a pseudo-science. It’s pure fiction.

So, at a time where we’re increasingly being told to ignore fake news, why are we so eager to embrace something that at the end of the day is almost arbitrary?

Thing is, astrology keeps us curious, and maybe that’s the point. Even if it’s more fiction than fact, it serves as a tool for introspection and self-awareness – that is for those who choose to believe in it.


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