Tips for the School Holidays

Tips for the School Holidays

11 July 2018

Oh yes, school’s out, so get ready for three-and-a-half weeks of fun and madness!

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a brave mom than the sound of the words “I’m bored”, right? Sure, outings, excursions and trips away are all wonderful, but keeping it simple (and budget friendly!) can be great as well.

Did you know that kids who are kept constructively busy during the school holidays outperform their peers during school times both academically and on the sports field? This may seem like a bold statement but think about it… when a child’s mind is engaged during school holidays, getting back into school work is no longer a hurdle needed to be overcome, but rather a challenge accepted with ease.

Not only will this time be the breather they need before tackling the rest of the school year, but it’s a great opportunity to bond with your little tykes.

So, mom, we’ve rounded up a sweet arsenal of activities to keep the brood entertained (and you sane!) during the winter holidays at home:

Hold a cupcake decorating competition. Set them up with a rainbow of icing colours and bowls of sprinkles – perfect for keeping them busy for a few hours.

Have a fashion parade. Yay! If you’re not too precious about your clothes, give the kids carte balance to dress up. Grab the camera and crank up the tunes. Brave moms might even get the make-up out!

Make an “under the table tent” with sheets or tablecloths. Give them a torch and a picnic basket in their own sanctuary. Fun!

Picnic in the garden. You’ll be surprised by how a simple sandwich, once packed in a plastic container and eaten on a blanket outside on the grass, becomes a meal fit for a king!

Arrange a play date. This will give you the opportunity to get some work done. Plus… the invite might be returned some day.

Get into jewellery making. Stock up on beads, wire and clasps. Just be sure to get appropriate bead sizes for different age groups. They’ll be so proud to wear their creations!

Have a treasure hunt. Make a treasure map with clues to find little treats in the garden.

Do some DIY science experiments. Show your child how stuff works. Look for science experiments for kids online using only items from your pantry. No Bunsen burners and goggles required.

Bundle up and go for a hike.

Play bull’s eye. All you need is a couple of sponges (for little ones) or bottle caps and some chalk, to turn a reasonably large indoor or outdoor area into a target practice zone.

Hold a “stacking cup” contest. You’ll need a lot of plastic cups, so be prepared.

Have a puppet show. A few socks, decorated by the kids of course, and a box for the stage. That’s all you need for a show!

Download and print funny pictures and ask them to make their own comic book.

Inquire about holiday clubs at school or at church.

Spending time with our kids is precious. They grow up so fast, don’t miss this opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun!


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