Winter Holiday Fun

Winter Holiday Fun

11 June 2019

Eagerly awaited by children but often dreaded by parents… yup, the winter school holidays are upon us!

Let’s face it, nothing strikes fear into the heart of a brave mom than the sound of the words “I’m bored!” right? Keeping the kids occupied during the winter vacation is not an easy task. Here’s the thing, outings, excursions and trips away are awesome, but if a trip to Disneyland is not on the cards right now, keeping it simple (and budget friendly) can be great as well.

Not only will this time be the breather they need before tackling the rest of the school year, but it’s a great opportunity to bond with your little tykes.

So, mom, it’s always best to do a little planning in advance. And yeah, of course we’ve rounded up a sweet arsenal of activities to keep the brood entertained (and you sane!) during the winter holidays at home:

  • Bring the movies home. Draw the curtains, make some popcorn and hit play.
  • Let them make lunch. It’s as simple as using cookie cutters to create crafty sandwiches or arranging sliced up veggies into different shapes. This not only makes lunchtime more interesting, but it also teaches them about doing things for themselves and doubles up as a fun indoor activity.
  • Splurge when there’s a special – There may be days where the kids just need to get out, so keep an eye on the news and social media for school holiday special offers and discounts on movies or eat free specials.
  • Make an “under the table tent” with sheets or tablecloths. Give them a torch and a picnic basket in their own sanctuary. Fun!
  • Get their creative juices flowing – with a few pipe cleaners and a little paint the sections of an egg box could transform into a dinosaur or a ladybug. An empty toilet paper roll could become treasured family serviette rings! So, stock up on the empties before the holidays!
  • Picnic in the garden. You’ll be surprised by how a simple sandwich, once packed in a plastic container and eaten on a blanket outside on the grass, becomes a meal fit for a king!
  • Arrange a play date. This will give you the opportunity to get some work done. Plus… the invite might be returned some day.
  • Get into jewellery making. Stock up on beads, wire, and clasps. Just be sure to get appropriate bead sizes for different age groups. They’ll be so proud to wear their creations!
  • Allow them to get messy with chalk in your driveway.
  • Embrace the explorer – Choose a weekend during the holidays to take a drive somewhere the family’s never been before. Do a little research on family-friendly places to spend the day. Pack a picnic and snacks and get ready to explore our big, beautiful country.
  • Play sports with balloons. Clear out a space in your living room, blow up some balloons, and let the games begin.
  • Bowl at home. Set up your own lanes, use water bottles as pins and a tennis ball to knock them down.
  • Download and print funny pictures and ask them to make their own comic book.

Spending time with our kids are precious. They grow up so fast, don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun!


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