With a few days to go before the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, it’s time to get your race day nutrition plan into gear. Fedhealth Dream Chasers dietician Andrea du Plessis shares her tips.


On race day, there will be plenty of water stations for good hydration during the run. Food is also available on the route, in the form of energy bars, sliced fruit, boiled potatoes and more.


However, if you need specific supplements to prevent muscle cramps, or if you prefer to take your own energy supplements, follow these guidelines:



  • Magnesium tablets. Race day: one 100-150mg tablet before, during (halfway) and after the race.


  • Arnica tablets: Traumeel tablets by Heel, available at pharmacies. You will not regret this!

Day before: four tablets taken throughout the course of the day.

Race day: one tablet before; two tablets during (halfway mark) and one tablet afterwards.  


Tip: If your running pants does not have pockets to store these tablets, pin a Ziploc bag with your tablets to the inside of your shirt at the bottom where it’s convenient to access.



During the marathon, energy foods are available on the route at select water stations. You

can also pack your own snacks, provided you have a pocket in your running clothes in which to store them.



From the first hour into the marathon, eat something every hour to sustain your energy until the end.


Tip: Don’t wait until you feel hungry, because your stomach may not be able to digest the food by that time, potentially leaving you with stomach cramps.


Examples: At least one energy syrup or a small energy bar per hour.


Tip: Take energy syrup at a water station and wash down one part energy syrup with two parts water. This improves the absorption. If you cannot take energy syrups, look out for bananas, boiled potatoes and oranges on the route.


Good luck and have fun on the route!


For more information, visit capetownmarathon.com or for any nutrition related questions, contact Andrea du Plessis on 084 403 6018, email andreaduplessis28@gmail.com or go to www.facebook.com/andreaduplessis.nutrition.expert