Introducing the new Fedhealth microsite

The new flexiFED range is here to give members more choice, flexibility and customisation in 2019 than ever before, by putting more control in their hands.


To assist potential Fedhealth members in choosing the flexiFED core benefit bundle that’s perfect for them, their pocket and their life stage – and help existing Fedhealth members choose the plan closest to their 2018 option – we’ve developed a user-friendly microsite that guides them through the process in a few simple steps.


The microsite caters for potential members, existing members and brokers in the following ways:



Visitors are able to do a needs analysis, obtain product information and watch educational videos.



Members will be able to type in their membership number, view their default product information, do a needs analysis if their circumstances have changed, watch educational videos and complete their option confirmation for 2019.



You, the broker, will be able to use the microsite to send flexiFED core benefit bundle information to your potential and existing Fedhealth clients.


The site was designed to provide an optimal user experience, as well as all the information a potential member could need to make an informed decision about their medical aid for 2019. We are confident that all visitors will enjoy interacting with the site!


Simply visit from where you can access the microsite.