2015 Starts Here

Wishing you your best year yet.

2014 was a challenging year, but we pushed through and here we are on the other side looking at a new year with fresh enthusiasm.

Even with last year proving that medical scheme performance can be unpredictable at best, our philosophy of REAL Medical Aid that gives back to your clients wherever possible, remains intact. It’s therefore critical that together we capitalise on the momentum and energy generated by the Scheme’s various efforts to remain cost effective and ensure sustainable healthcare.

Work continues on 360°Care, an initiative that focusses strongly on the coordination of your clients’ care, with a nominated GP taking on the role of coordinator. Therefore, throughout the year we’ll continue to implement efforts that will encourage your clients to work more closely with their GP to ensure that all their healthcare needs are met, and in an integrated way that avoids fragmented care that is often dangerous, costly and time consuming.

You can help your clients get on board by encouraging them to choose to visit only one nominated GP in future and to direct all test results to this GP. It’s also for your clients to inform their nominated GP of any other previous consultations or treatments. We’ll make sure you’re the first to know regarding all further 360°Care developments.

The Scheme heads into 2015 with confidence and excitement. Working together, we can accomplish even more in the months that lie ahead. Looking forward to a great year with your support.

Peter Jordan
Principal Officer – Fedhealth