Unlimited Fedhealth Network GP visits for Maxima Saver and EntrySaver

Maxima Saver and EntrySaver members are entitled to unlimited Fedhealth Network GP visits!

Your Fedhealth Maxima Saver or Maxima EntrySaver clients can ensure that claims for GP visits are paid in full by simply using a nominated Fedhealth Network GP once they’ve depleted their Savings.

If you have any clients on these options who have not yet nominated a GP, please encourage them to do so as soon as possible by taking the following simple steps:

Your client can locate a new Network GP by visiting www.fedhealth.co.za and clicking on ‘Find a Doctor’ in the drop down menu of the ‘Members’ tab

Adult dependants (e.g. spouses) may select a GP other than the GP nominated by the principal member. If a child dependant is below sixteen (16) years of age, then a nominated GP needs to be selected by the registered principal member

Your client will receive an SMS as confirmation once nomination of his/her selected Network GP is successful.

Your client’s choice to consult with a nominated Network GP will help us to maintain an accurate record of his/her health and treatment history. The member’s nominated Network GP consultations will also ensure that the member receives fast-track referrals and appointments, should the member be advised by his/her GP to see a specialist for any particular condition.

It also means that your client’s needs and preferences are known ahead of time and communicated at the right time to the right people, like determining if your client needs specialist referrals etc., and that this information is always used to provide safe, appropriate, and effective care when your client needs it most.

Most importantly, visiting one nominated Fedhealth Network doctor guarantees that your client’s consults will be paid in full.

Should members wish to change their Nominated GP, or have any questions or concerns around GP nominations for 2015, they can contact the FEDHEALTH Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153.

All Fedhealth Maxima Saver and Maxima EntrySaver members will receive a communication in this regard shortly.

Wishing you and your clients REAL health and well-being.