We’ve created a powerful tool to help you sell!

In today’s marketing environment, delivering the best service to your clients is all about making complicated medical aid products easy to understand.
That’s why we’ve invested in creating new, short and sharp product videos that explain the Fedhealth options quickly, easily and effectively – helping you to help your clients understand better.
These videos are designed to be fun and power-packed with all the best benefits and vital information potential members would want to know if they’re considering Fedhealth – squeezed into less than two minutes each.
Next time you’re faced with a potential member who is still unsure of signing up, or simply wants more information on a specific option, these little bite-sized chunks of information can help you to explain things quickly, easily… plus they’ll enjoy watching them.
You can find all the videos here:

Maxima EntryZone
Maxima Core
Maxima EntrySaver
Maxima Saver
Maxima Basis
Maxima StandardElect
Maxima Standard
Maxima Exec
Maxima Plus

Hospital Plans: overview at a glance
Saver options: overview at a glance
Comprehensive options: overview at a glanc