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With so many medical aid options on offer, choosing the best medical aid for your needs can be difficult. First you need to decide what level of cover you think you’ll need, and then you need to weigh up the benefits you’ll get compared to what you’ll pay each month.

To make it easier, why not compare our medical aids in each cover level below?


Hospital plans cover you if you need to go to hospital, but you will still need to pay for all your day-to-day medical expenses yourself. Our two basic hospital plans both offer an in-hospital benefit that also includes consultations with network specialists, as well as cover for chronic conditions.

Compare Hospital Plans


Hospital plans with savings give you more cover than a simple hospital plan by helping you to pay for day-to-day medical expenses using your medical savings. Our three saver plans give you different levels of savings, from R3168 to R4500 per member per year.

Compare Hospital Plans With Savings


We offer three comprehensive medical aid plans, all of which give you extensive cover for any medical expenses you may face. Among our comprehensive plans you’ll get various levels of cover under our major medical benefit, and different levels of day-to-day coverage.

Compare Comprehensive Medical Aids

With so many options available, it can be hard to find the best medical aid or best hospital plan for your needs. If you need help deciding, get in touch with us