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Flexible medical aid cover for all your employees

Fedhealth offers a medical aid option for every life stage, healthcare need and pocket:

  • For members who are looking for customisable medical aid regardless of their life stage or family set-up, our flexiFED 1, 2, 3 and 4 options are perfect. These options can be used as hospital plans, savings plans or flexible savings plans, so the member can decide how their day-to-day cover is structured. Members can also choose between a 10 or 25% reduction in their monthly contributions by choosing GRID or Elect variants.


  • Our comprehensive options, maxima EXEC and maxima PLUS, provide generous amounts of day-to-day, hospital and chronic cover for more mature members who might have serious healthcare needs. These options provide unlimited private hospitalisation (at either private or Fedhealth Network hospitals) and varying levels of cover for day-to-day medical expenses.


  • We also cater for the needs of previously uncovered employees with our low cost, entry-level medical aid option called myFED. It’s the ideal option to offer employees who’ve never had medical aid before. Members can benefit from unlimited contracted nominated GP visits, a free flu vaccination for every beneficiary, and the myFED Baby Programme.

A package of benefits unique to Fedhealth

By paying more from Risk than other schemes, we help members to stretch their day-to-day benefits further:


  • Unlimited network doctor’s visits – Members can see their GP as often as they need on most options, by either visiting any network GP or a nominated network GP (depending on the option).
  • Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge from hospital (e.g. physiotherapy, x-rays, pathology). Excludes follow-up consultations with GPs or specialists, and is not applicable to myFED.
  • Take-home medication – We pay for seven days of take-home medication when the member is discharged from hospital. The medication must be dispensed by the hospital and must reflect on the original hospital account.
  • Specialised radiology like MRI and CT scans – whether performed in- or out-of-hospital. Co-payment applies to non-PMB MRI/CT scans on all options except maxima PLUS. myFED does not have an out-of-hospital benefit for specialised radiology.
  • Trauma treatment at a casualty ward – Emergency treatment at a casualty ward, like stitches, is covered whether the member is admitted to hospital or not. Authorisation must be obtained within 48 hours and a co-payment of R660 per visit for non-PMBs applies to all options except maxima PLUS.
  • Female contraception is covered, including oral, patches, certain injectables, contraceptive rings as well as IUDs that include the Mirena®. It must, however, be prescribed by a GP or gynaecologist and is not applicable to pills prescribed for acne. On myFED, only oral and injectable contraceptives are covered.
  • In-hospital dentistry for children under 7 – We pay for dentistry performed in-hospital for children up to the age of 7. The hospital account and anaesthetist costs are paid from the in-hospital benefit while the dentist’s account comes from day-to-day benefits. Not applicable to flexiFED 1 or myFED
  • Child rates for financially dependent children up to 27 years of age.
  • Upgrades to higher options any time of the year due to a life-changing event, like a pregnancy or on diagnosis of a dread disease.


More support for members

  • Fedhealth Baby Programme
  • Paed-IQ telephonic advice line for parents with children up to 14
  • 24-Hour Fedhealth Nurse Line
  • Emergency transport/response through Europ Assistance
  • Comprehensive managed care programmes such as:
  • Aid for AIDS (AfA) for members with HIV/AIDS
  • Oncology Disease Management supports cancer sufferers with comprehensive care including cover for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and approved medication.
  • Mental Health Programme provides qualifying members on certain options who have mental health or substance abuse issues with access to the best quality primary mental healthcare.
  • Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme helps qualifying members address their back and neck issues with the aim to avoid spinal surgery.
  • Smoking Cessation Programme – All members on all options can sign up for the GoSmokeFree service at 200 pharmacies countrywide to help them give up smoking. This programme is paid from Risk.
  • Weight Management Programme – This is a 12-week programme designed for qualifying Fedhealth members with a high BMI and waist circumference. Led by a biokineticist, members also have access to a dietician and behavioural psychologist to help them lose the excess weight.
  • MediTaxi – A free transport service to take members in certain cities with hospital authorisations to follow-up medical appointments.
  • SOS Call Me – Our user-friendly call-back service for members and dependants.


Caring for corporate members

Fedhealth is committed to helping our corporate clients look after the health of their employees, and ultimately the wellbeing of their businesses. We offer various initiatives to meet company-specific demands:

  • Group implementation and training ensures a smooth transition from previous schemes to Fedhealth
  • A dedicated Account Executive (AE) for each organisation with 25 or more staff members – regular visits take place and the AE is always available to solve queries online
  • A dedicated credit controller per organisation
  • Tailor-made solutions with option mapping to cater directly to the organisation’s staff
  • Update, an electronic newsletter, aimed directly at HR/Finance departments, that delivers scheme-related news to employers.


Free value-added services for corporate clients


  1. SOS Corporate Wellness (Sisters-on-Site)

Our Sisters-on-Site service facilitated by SOS Corporate Wellness sends a qualified nurse to the workplace to take care of employees by means of health assessments, action plans and even selected minor treatments.


  1. Corporate Wellness Days

Corporate wellness days provide us with the chance to educate and facilitate prevention, screening and targeted interventions amongst employees to drive positive lifestyle changes.


Fedhealth wellness days may include:

  • Screening tests: lifestyle screening, wellness screening (includes finger prick glucose and total cholesterol, blood pressure, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI) and physical screening)
  • An Account Executive may also arrange to have additional services present i.e. Tuberculosis and HIV testing, optometry screening and on-site dietician consultations
  • Following the wellness day, a wellness report is compiled by the service provider and sent to the Human Resources department of your business.


Engage with us

We love keeping in touch with our members through the following platforms:


  • Fedhealth Member App – Our user-friendly app for iPhone, Android and Huawei smartphones allows members to manage their Fedhealth membership 24/7
  • Fedhealth website – Visit to access our Living Fedhealthy blog for topical lifestyle content, as well as all our product brochures, option selection forms and related documents
  • The LiveChat functionality on the Fedhealth website allows you to engage online with our agents about specific queries. Our online chatbot offers quick answers to frequently asked MediVault and Wallet questions
  • Fedhealth Family Room (accessed via helps members to obtain hospital pre-authorisation; apply for chronic medication; submit claims; locate network pharmacies, GPs and Specialists using the locator tool; update personal information; conduct benefit enquiries; track claim submissions; join communities based on their interests; earn rewards, and read all the latest Scheme news
  • Network GP, specialist and hospital locator (accessed via and the Fedhealth Family Room) helps members find providers on the Fedhealth network
  • WhatsApp service where members have selected self-service options.