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Making ends meet is tough. Forget luxuries, today simply affording something as important as medical aid has become quite the challenge.

But if you’re young and healthy, Fedhealth might have just the solution for you.

Our Elect options save you 25% every month without compromising ANY benefits… all you have to do is be willing to pay a fixed excess of R13 000 for planned hospital admissions only. Plus, the co-payment does not apply to accidents or emergencies – you will still be taken to the nearest private hospital for stabilising treatment.

If you bear in mind that most people will hardly ever need a planned hospital procedure, like a knee replacement or elective C-section, and that you can take out an affordable product like Sanlam Gap Cover to cover your co-payment, our Elect options become a no-brainer.

Don’t pay for old-school medical aid.

PLUS, here are four more ways you can structure your medical aid with Fedhealth:

Discount 1:
Save 11% with GRID and make use of over 120 world-class network hospitals.

Day-to-Day structure 1:
Supercharged Hospital Plan

keep your cost as low as possible while ensuring excellent private hospital cover.

Day-to-Day structure 2:
Supercharged Savings Plan

enhance your Supercharged Hospital Plan with an annual pool of funds for day-to-day expenses.

Day-to-Day structure 3:
Supercharged Flexible Savings Plan

the only option in SA where you only pay for the day-to-day benefits you actually use.