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Reflections on an AGM

The 81st Fedhealth Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 28 June at the Johannesburg Country Club. Thank you to all our members who made the time to attend.

Looking back on the year 2016, it is evident that the entire medical aid industry experienced unusually high claims volumes, deficits, higher healthcare inflation and higher than usual contribution increases. Although we can venture some guesses as to the reasons behind these phenomena, such as political turmoil and a strained economy, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

Seen against this background, it makes sense that the Scheme didn’t perform as well financially as we had hoped, but our reserves remain above the required 25%.

The Fedhealth family is more committed than ever to look after our members, and we have put various strategies in place to encourage healthier, active lifestyles and manage and control increasing costs.

One of our ongoing drives is to empower members with chronic and non-communicable diseases, or members who are at risk of developing these kind of conditions, with knowledge and specific interventions to help them optimally manage their conditions.

A specific challenge for Fedhealth is the advanced age of a significant portion of our member base, who has a higher risk of disease. As such, we are also busy tailoring our marketing activities and options to attract more younger, healthier members to bridge the gap.

We are positive about the Scheme’s prospects for 2017, and look forward to keep offering you and yours the kind of support you deserve from the Fedhealth family.

Jeremy Yatt

Fedhealth Principal Officer