We all have those days when you reach the bottom of your coffee pot without brewing enthusiasm. Maybe that project you’ve left on the backburner (you know, the one with the deadline that’s growing uncomfortably near) is keeping you from pushing forward and you’re really, really just not feeling it.

Motivation is a tricky thing and at some point, caffeine simply doesn’t cut it. Even if you’re lucky enough to love your job, there will be days when “going the extra mile” is out of the question, it’s a given. (Hey, it’s called “work” for a reason!) While it’s tempting to set your GPS for the nearest beach destination, well, not everyone has the luxury to do that. Ultimately, there are deadlines to consider and people counting on you.

Effective self-motivation is one of the main things that distinguish high-achieving professionals from everyone else. However, motivation is very personal – what get’s one person going may not work for another. Luckily science has supplied multiple ways in which we can be more productive especially when the simplest of tasks seem like a climb up Mt. Everest.

We all need a few tricks in our back pocket for staying motivated. So, without any further ado …

  • Just do it! Productivity begins with … beginning. Think about it, once you do one push-up, you’ll feel motivated to do more. Motivation starts with doing.
  • Put on a show. Make a commitment, come up with a consequence for failure, then tag your friends on Facebook. Let’s see if you have the guts to slack off after that!
  • Knock off easy tasks first. To remedy the feeling of a long to-do list, give yourself a couple of freebies by starting off with the easiest tasks. This will make you feel as if you’re on a roll. Also, do your best work, mediocrity simply fuels procrastination.
  • Bribe yourself shamelessly. Fun talks people! Your brain is wired to seek rewards at all costs. A treat at the end of a (seemingly painful) task could do the trick. This could be as simple as taking a good soak in the tub or booking a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. Whatever it is, make it good. That way you have something to look forward to, but you also stand to lose something if you give up.
  • Shake things up. Your brain craves new experiences. Take your meetings outside, or try to set up office in a quiet coffee shop for the day.
  • Do it with friends. If you’re working on a tough presentation, see if you can’t find colleagues planning on doing overtime as well. According to a 2018 poll from Gallup, “When employees possess a deep sense of affiliation with their team members, they are driven to take positive actions that benefit the business.”
  • Go green. Research shows that exposure to the colour green can make us happier, less tired and more motivated.

Have a great week!

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