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Use a network pharmacy to ensure price certainty

As a Fedhealth member, you can use ANY pharmacy to obtain your medicine. However, we encourage all our members to use our preferred providers Clicks, Dis-Chem, Medi-Rite or Pharmacy Direct, in order to guarantee price certainty and avoid expenses out of your own pocket.


Dispensing fees for prescribed medicine

Pharmacies charge a dispensing fee for each prescribed medicine they sell. Fedhealth has agreed special rates for dispensing fees in the Fedhealth network. If you use a pharmacy in the Fedhealth network, we will cover the agreed dispensing fee in full from your day-to-day benefits.


If you buy from a pharmacy that’s not in the Fedhealth network, you might have to pay the difference between the agreed dispensing fee and the dispensing fee the pharmacy charges.


Over-the-counter medicine

Medicines with a schedule of 0, 1 or 2 can be bought directly from the pharmacy without a prescription from your GP. Depending on your option and whether you have funds available, the cost will either be paid from your MediVault and Wallet, or your Savings Account (the Out-of-Hospital Expenses Benefit does not pay for over-the-counter) and the amount will not add up towards your Threshold level.

The Threshold Benefit does not cover over-the-counter medicine.