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Save money by using one of our many network pharmacies

Currently, over 1 770 pharmacies belong to the Fedhealth Pharmacy network, including major retailers like  Clicks Pharmacy and over 1 000 independent pharmacies. Approximately 89% of all members have access to a network pharmacy within a 10km radius of their home. Pharmacies charge a dispensing fee for each scheduled  medicine that you obtain from them. The scheme has agreed special dispensing fee rates with all pharmacies contracted to  the Fedhealth pharmacy network. If you use a pharmacy in the Fedhealth network, the pharmacy is committed to charging the agreed dispensing fee that we will cover in full from your day-to-day benefits. To find a participating pharmacy simply use our pharmacy locator , go to the website, the Fedhealth member App or call 0860 002 153. If you choose to make use of a pharmacy not contracted to the Fedhealth network, then you might have to pay the difference between the agreed non-contracted dispensing fee and the dispensing fee that the pharmacy charges.