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flexiFED 2 is the ideal family hospital plan option if you’re just starting your parenting journey, with generous maternity and childhood benefits. Add access to Fedhealth Savings for those unexpected day-to-day medical bills, and a valuable Threshold Benefit that kicks in once your claims have reached a certain level, and you’re looking at exceptional value for money

R 2 491 per month
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flexiFED 2 is the ideal family hospital plan option if you’re just starting your parenting journey, with generous maternity and childhood benefits. Add access to Fedhealth Savings for those unexpected day-to-day medical bills, and a valuable Threshold Benefit that kicks in once your claims have reached a certain level, and you’re looking at exceptional value for money

Here are the procedures and treatments that take place in hospital which you’re covered for, under this option.


  • No overall annual limit for hospitalisation, so you can rest easy knowing you’re always covered.
  • Get unlimited maternity cover with network GPs and specialists.
  • For non-maternity related, network GPs and specialists are also covered unlimited at cost.
  • non-network GPs, specialists and other healthcare providers are covered up to 100% of the Fedhealth Rate.
  • Benefit from an oncology benefit of R311 900 available, when you need it most.

You also get a childhood illness specialised drug benefit for children up to 18.




While this is a hospital plan, you’re still covered for 27 chronic diseases listed on the Chronic Disease List (CDL).

This means you get unlimited cover for diseases on the CDL at a Pharmacy of your choice. Intermediate formulary and the Medicine Price List (MPL) apply:

Get all the tests and healthcare assessments you need to ensure that you and your family’s health is always on track.

  • We cover one Pap smear (cervical cancer screening) every three years for women aged 21 to 65.
  • We cover one Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) per year for men aged 45 to 69.
  • Get them protected: children’s immunisations from birth to 12 years (as per the State EPI) are covered.
  • We cover one cholesterol screening (full lipogram) every five years for everyone over the age of 20.
  • Everyone in the family enjoys a free flu vaccination once a year!
  • We cover one HIV finger prick test for all members once a year.
  • Know your stats: enjoy one wellness screening per year including BMI, blood pressure, finger prick cholesterol and glucose tests.
  • Keep healthy: benefit from one preventative screening by a contracted wellness network provider per year that includes waist-to-hip ratio, body fat %, flexibility, posture and fitness.
  • HPV vaccine for all female beneficiaries aged 9 - 16 years. This benefit is 2 doses per lifetime. 
  • NEW for 2024: We cover 1 HPV PCR test every 5 years for women aged 21 - 65

We want your family to be as healthy as possible, which is why we offer bonus extras to this hospital plan including professional medical advice and a convenient transport service when you need to have a check-up after being in the hospital.

  • Life changes so fast. With us, you can upgrade to a higher option within 30 days of a life-changing event, like a pregnancy or being diagnosed with a dread disease.
  • Want access to a qualified nurse from the comfort of your home? Phone our 24-hour toll-free Nurse Line for expert medical and health advice.
  • We’ll get you there: our MediTaxi service transports you to follow-up medical treatments following a hospital stay (only certain regions).
  • Run out of airtime? Use our USSD call-back service, SOS Call Me, to access Emergency Medical Services, the Fedhealth Nurse Line or MediTaxi – free of charge.
  • Qualifying members can join our 12-week Weight Management Programme led by biokineticists and dieticians to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Ditch those cigarettes: we cover the GoSmokeFree Smoking Cessation Programme to help members quit smoking – for good.
  • Need a little support through life's ups and downs? The October Health app, available through the Fedhealth Member App, provides mental health support to Fedhealth members.

  • Pregnant? Join the Fedhealth Baby Programme for gifts, advice and more.
  • We cover four consultations with a midwife in- and out-of-hospital under our postnatal midwifery benefit.
  • Interested in using a doula? We cover the cost of a doula up to R3 600 per delivery.
  • We cover one test with an audiologist per infant up to the Fedhealth Rate (including consultation).
  • Got a question about your baby’s health? Get access to the Paed-IQ advice line for all your paediatric questions.
  • We cover take-home medicine for seven days per hospital event at 100% of the Medicine Price List.
  • We’ll cover your follow-up treatment for 30 days once you get discharged from hospital, like physio, x-rays and pathology.
  • Get trauma treatment at a casualty ward – whether you’re admitted to the hospital or not. A R800 co-payment will apply per visit for non-PMBs (if you’re not admitted to hospital straight from casualty).
  • You benefit from unlimited specialised radiology paid by the scheme if you get pre-authorisation from us. The first R2 810 for non-PMB MRI/CT scans will be for your account.
  • Female contraception: We cover oral, patches, contraceptive rings, certain injectables and IUDs that include Mirena (prescribed by a GP or gynae, and not prescribed for acne).

Once you’ve reached the Threshold Level you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited GP visits at nominated network GPs!
  • A basic dentistry benefit at a contracted dentist including x-rays, scaling and polishing, fillings, extractions and root canal – so you can keep smiling.


On Fedhealth’s flexiFED options, you choose how your medical aid cover is structured. Choose from any hospital, or enjoy a GRID or Elect discount. On GRID, you can save 10% every month in exchange for only using our network of 120 world-class hospitals. On Elect, you will enjoy a 25% saving every month by using any private hospital and paying a fixed co-payment on planned hospital procedures.

Any Hospital

Full cover at all private hospitals

R 3 328

per month

At Fedhealth we are all about control, flexibility and choice. Our flexiFED options are made one member at a time, and you can customize your Hospital/Risk cover to fit your budget and your needs perfectly.




Full cover at network hospitals

R 2 984

per month

In exchange, you must use Fedhealth’s Private Hospital Network for planned procedures. The network includes over 100 of South Africa’s best private hospitals and 90% of our members live within a 10-kilometre radius of these hospitals. You can still use a non-network hospital if you wish, but you will then have to pay a R14 700 co-payment. However, the co-payment does not apply in case of emergencies.




Full cover at any private hospital with a co-payment for elective surgery

R 2 491

per month

In exchange, you will be charged a fixed excess of R14 700 on all hospital admissions, except for emergencies. This excess however only applies to the hospital bill; you could still have co-payments on out-of-network specialists, a procedure co-payment or shortfalls because benefit limits have been exceeded


On flexiFED, you choose how to structure your day-to-day benefits. Either use your flexiFED option as a hospital plan only and pay for your own day-to-day expenses, use it as a savings plan to get a set amount of day-to-day savings that you pay back in equal portions from January each year, or use it as a flexible savings plan and only pay for what you’ve used interest free over 12 months. Remember, Fedhealth pays more from Risk than other schemes, so even on a hospital plan, you’re already get so much more!

Hospital Plan

Hospital Plan

  • A hospital plan that gives you more

  • Keep your contributions as low as possible

  • Complete peace of mind

Savings Plan

Savings Plan

Let us manage your day-to-day funds automatically.

  • Simplicity - you choose once and your monthly repayment will never vary.

  • One debit order every month.

  • No admin, we'll manage your day-to-day funds automatically.

Flexible Savings Plan

Pay for your day-to-day benefits when you need to use them.

  • You don't pay for day-to-day benefits until you use them. This could save you thousands every month.

  • You pay less without compromising on the quality of your benefits.

  • You are in full control over how much you pay for your medical aid.


Now that you know that you can structure your day-to-day cover, as well as which hospital network discounts are available to you, you can complete the fields below to see the flexibility of your flexiFED option in action… and what you will pay every month.


Total monthly contribution