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Get on the Grid and Save

Understanding the Fedhealth Grid

Ever noticed that certain Fedhealth options are available in ‘Grid’ format? Selecting a Grid option could save you a lot of money in the long run without compromising benefits.

What is the Fedhealth Grid?

The ‘Grid’ refers to a network of private hospitals with which Fedhealth has negotiated special rates for our members.

When you select a ‘Grid’ option, your monthly contribution will be lower than its non-Grid equivalent, however, you can only make use of a private hospital that is on the Fedhealth Grid. If you make use of a non-Grid hospital, you will be liable for a co-payment.

Apart from being limited to network hospitals, the benefits on regular and Grid options are identical.

Which hospitals are on the Fedhealth Grid?

Rest assured that when you need it most, selecting a Grid option will never leave you or your family in the lurch. The Fedhealth Grid is extensive and includes more than 100 world-class private hospitals across South Africa.

For a complete list of Grid hospitals, click here.

Which options feature a ‘Grid’?

You can select to get on the Grid on the following options:

For more information on Fedhealth Grid
or in finding the Grid option that’s right for you,
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