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First Time Mom Baby Checklist

PostedNovember 30, 2017

So, expecting mama, the nursery is painted, decorated, (ventilated!) and looking beautiful. Congrats! Babies are blessings for sure, but if you’re new to the parenting rodeo, well… let’s just say that babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do come with a shopping list!

It’s just silly how much a new-born requires, right? We, know, becoming a mom for the first time can be a little overwhelming. You can’t wait to meet this little person inside of you and you want everything to be just perfect, but how do you separate the “needs” from the “wants”?

Here’s the scoop on the real mom must-haves for your baby:


You may be tempted to buy the cutest (expensive!) designer clothing, but babies outgrow clothes quickly. You’ll need body suits (onesies) and you’ll need lots of them – maybe 5 to 6. They are comfy and keeps the diaper in place. 4 to 6 undershirts should be enough, also 5 to 7 pairs of socks are essential to keep small tootsies warm. Cute jammies and seasonal outwear is not optional. 3 to 5 soft caps, and 1 sunhat with a brim is a good idea.


Be prepared to use an average of 10 nappies per day, so start stocking up on nappies in various sizes. Also, have plenty of wipes ready to go, you’re going to use them by the dozens throughout the day (count on maybe 2 packets per day). A changing pad for outings makes a lot of sense. Sure, many public restrooms have changing stations, but do you want your baby touching surfaces which may be dirty? Invest in a great nappy bag, pick a fabulous one, this might by your new handbag for a couple of months as well!

Baby Gear

You will definitely be taking baby out at some point and the right gear will make it so much easier. You’ll need a car seat (make sure that it is SABS approved), as well as a stroller, there are so many on the market; be sure to try to fold them before you purchase (they should be easy to fold away and small enough to fit into your car). You’ll also need a highchair, a crib with cute bedding and 2 waterproof mattress protectors. A bassinet is a necessity if you want to co-sleep with your baby during those first few months. A baby monitor is definitely important; you’d want to keep an ear on baby at all times! A nightlight for midnight feedings or simply to check up on baby, could come in handy. Pick a baby carrier that work for you; if you want to get anything done you’ll need one of these!

Blankets and Burp Cloths

Have at least 3 to 5 swaddling blankets and 3 receiving, warmer blankets ready before baby arrives. Oh, and burp cloths, stock up on these, they get nasty fast!

A Breast Pump and a Nursing Pillow

A breast pump is a must if you plan on breast feeding, pumping will allow you some time away from baby. Also, it will help to increase your supply and make switching to bottles easier.

A nursing pillow will keep babies’ head supported when they are newborns and can be used for tummy time when they’re a little older.

Bath Time

Always fun. Here you don’t need a lot. A few hooded towels, washcloths and delicious toiletries just for baby. A baby bath is not essential, if you bath baby in the bathroom, just make sure to use a faucet protector.

Infant Health

You’ll want to keep a close eye on babies’ health, always ask for your doctor’s opinion if you think something might be wrong. Off course you’ll need a baby thermometer and a nasal aspirator for helping to clear nasal passages.

Remember, friends and family are always looking for gift ideas, make it easy for them and create a baby registry. Good luck on this amazing journey!


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