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Conquering Monday Blues

PostedOctober 6, 2016

Conquer Monday Blues

“I soo can’t wait to go to work tomorrow! Mondays are my favourite days of the week!” said no one ever.

Got the Monday blues?  Yeah, your weekend ends kinda abruptly as soon you hear the Carte Blanche tune on the telly, right?

Sure, you’re an optimistic, happy person but … Arrrrg, why can’t every day be the weekend? Here’s the status quo answer: If every day was a weekend, you’d be broke, hungry and homeless. Plus you’d be terribly bored. BUT weekends are awesome and even if you love your job, it can be hard to jump back on the horse after two glorious days off.

Did you know that a 2011 study done by British researchers showed that 11:16 a.m. is when the average employee cracks their first smile on a Monday? Nuff said.

Do you want to have a happy Monday every week? If so, read on!

Here are a few ways to beat the Monday blues:

  • Remember when you heard the life-changing words, “You start on Monday!” Mondays offer new beginnings 52 times a year.
  • Sundays can save Mondays. Make your to-do list Sunday evening. When you have a properly planned list, you’ll feel more in control and feel less of the Monday blues.
  • Get an early start. Do not succumb to the snooze button! Get a 15-minute head start, when you have enough time to organize yourself, you’ll feel like you can conquer the day.
  • Exercise before work. You’ll have more energy, reduce stress levels and revel in the feel good hormones.
  • Actually start working. It’s usually not the work that makes us tired, it’s the thought of starting. So quit thinking about it and start.
  • Choose to feel happy. Being happy is a choice, so choose happiness!
  • Have pancakes on a Monday. Treat yourself, have something delicious for breakfast.
  • Dress to impress … yourself! Wear your favourite outfit. Feeling good about yourself is half the battle won.
  • Complete as much work as possible on a Friday. You will have less to worry about on a Monday.
  • Have fun at work. Maybe surprize everyone with doughnuts or take a quick break to share stories about the weekend with co-workers.
  • Make a Monday playlist. Make sure that upbeat, happy songs are the soundtrack to your Monday.
  • Even if you don’t feel like it. Laughing or smiling boosts endorphins; research indicates that a fake smile or laughter provides the same benefits as a real one so, “fake it till you make it.”
  • Make someone happy. Buy an extra cup of coffee for a co-worker.
  • Do something weekend-ish. Go to happy hour or go on a date. The day will be easier if you have something to look forward to.
  • Try something new. You’ll be surprised how energized you’d feel by doing something you’ve never done before. Try a new route to work.
  • Remember that there is Tuesday.  In all the chaos it’s easy to believe that the world will cave if you don’t solve all Monday’s problems on Monday. Focus, plan and stay calm.

So, GO BE GREAT. You deserve to feel happy, grateful and light every day. I promise that one or all of the above will seriously help. Happy Mondays!






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