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Declutter Your Home This Spring

PostedSeptember 21, 2017

Winter is over and there’s something intoxicating about the air… something youthful, don’t you think? Even mother nature is wearing her most beautiful dress! Oh, and yes, birds bring on the tunes.

Okay, so it may be the sunshine endorphins talking, but according to Leo Tolstoy: “Spring is the time for plans and projects.” Yep, chances are that your closet (and any other storage space in your home) may have hit rock bottom, and are in major need of a rebirth.

Japan’s new lifestyle phenomenon and decluttering guru, Marie Kondo, has revolutionized homes (and lives) across the world with her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She believes that life truly begins after you’ve put your house in order.

But wait, with the demands of daily life (laundry! groceries! kids! deadlines!) Who has time for that? However, numerous studies have shown that physical clutter creates mental clutter and according to Kondo, only two skills are necessary to successfully put your house in order: the ability to keep what sparks joy and chuck the rest, and the ability to decide where to keep each thing you choose and always to put it back in its place. Those are the ground rules, simple!

Turns out the important thing in tidying up is not deciding what to discard, but rather what you want to keep in your life.

So, if everything in your home have succumbed to a mixed-up messiness, we have a few tips on getting you started on your decluttering journey:

  • Change begins with you. True, families clutter but tempting as it is to call a family meeting and lay down the clutter law, think again. Measures can only be enforced as long as the enforcer stays on the job. Build motivation and credibility by mastering your own clutter challenges first.
  • Start small. Tackle one drawer, one shelf, or one corner of your desk. Work for 15 minutes and accomplish as much as you can. Taking baby steps can lead to big changes and will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Schedule your decluttering sessions. When is the perfect time; when things are slightly cluttered, or chaotic beyond belief? Setting a weekly 15-minute session to declutter small areas will save you from marathon decluttering sessions in the future. Keep your declutter appointments!
  • Get rid of things you don’t use 80% of the time. This rule holds true for clothes, video games, DVD’s, books, toys and much more. Don’t let the fear of possibly needing an item scare you into keeping things you don’t need.
  • Love it or lose it. Everything you own should have value, either because it’s functional or beautiful, or you just love it. What would you grab if your house were on fire; that’s your baseline for determining an object’s worth. If you haven’t used it for more than six months: GET RID OF IT.
  • Say goodbye to multiples. Whether it’s a million iPhone charger cords or one too many pairs of black pumps. Items that perform the same function are clutter, they have to go.
  • Edit constantly. It’s inevitable that we accumulate stuff. Donation gives items a second chance with someone who might need it more. Remember, it’s okay to trash items that are not being used.

Mess causes stress. A clutter free life means less to clean, less debt, less to organize, less stress and more energy for your passions. What are you waiting for? Happy spring everyone!

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