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Go Green This Valentine’s Day

PostedFebruary 13, 2018

Valentines Day

Hopeless romantics love it, cynics despise it, but no one can ignore it… it’s Valentine’s Day!

We know, we know: Valentine’s Day is a consumerist holiday invented by greeting card companies, jewellers, and chocolatiers. With an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s cards bought worldwide,

36 million boxes of chocolates and countless pesticide sprayed flowers given each year, it’s important to find a better way to celebrate “lovey dovey” day.

Seriously people, no eye rolling, just because you don’t take the “heart-shaped-chocolate-and-rose-day” too seriously, doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed! After all, who couldn’t use a chance to celebrate a little love in their life?

But, don’t despair eco-conscious sweethearts, we have a few romantic ideas on how to love your sweetie and save the earth this Valentine’s Day:

Meet for a picnic lunch. Choose delicious all organic treats.
NOT.BUY.PERFUME. Try to find an essential oil that reminds you of your better half or choose an all-natural fragrance.
Send a romantic e-card. They are environmentally friendly, reduce carbon emissions, and save paper! Or, write a “14 reasons I love you” letter to your partner on recycled paper.
Choose organic roses, grown without pesticides or preservatives. Or, look beyond roses, opt for a potted succulent which are drought tolerant since water preservation is so important right now.
Eat in. A homemade, homegrown, or organic meal is a great (and affordable) alternative to eating out. Buy seasonal vegetables from your local farmer’s market and make a toast to love with a bottle of organic wine served in recycled glassware. Save some energy by turning the lights off and light a few beeswax candles that have no indoor air pollutants or heavy metals that can harm your health.
Going for lingerie? Skip the fast fashion skivvies and invest in super soft organic, or earth conscious bamboo underwear, for both men and women.
Choose jewellery from recycled metal or repurposed materials. Did you know that the manufacturing of an average gold ring creates more than 20 tons of mining waste?
Plant a tree to symbolise your relationship.
Chocolate anyone? Okay, okay, this one is perhaps a must. Try the organic kind or make fudge together… perfect!
Sleep naked, you’ll stay cooler.
Shower together, you’ll use up to half of the water. Yes, it’s sexy being green (provided you don’t get too busy…)!
Go for an early evening bike ride.
Complete a chore your partner usually tackles.
Put the toilet seat down (or up) with a cute post-it note.
Give a back massage or a foot rub, even if you’re tired.

So, ditch the red and make this Valentine’s Day green.

Plan a memorable, small footprint experience this February 14th.  Have a happy, healthy, green, organic, Valentine’s Day!

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