Planning a ski holiday? Go through this checklist to ensure your travel insurance has you and your equipment covered.

Ski trips don’t come cheap – so it’s important to opt for travel insurance that includes winter sports, and covers you at a level sufficient for your needs. Wading through long travel insurance documents can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss out on key things. Save the energy for your trip by using this list of important questions to ask your insurance provider:

What sports will I be covered for?

Your cover could only be limited to common activities such as skiing and snowboarding. If you’re a thrill-seeker and will be going off-piste, be sure you’re covered for extreme activities such as heli-skiing – also know what the terms and conditions are.

Is my equipment covered?

Theft, accidental loss or damaged equipment is a common occurrence. Make sure your travel insurance can cover you in the event that you need to replace or hire new ski equipment.

What about emergency medical cover and hospital bills?

Whether you’re experienced or a novice, accidents do happen on and off the slopes, most of which can leave a massive hole in your wallet. Ensure your travel insurance covers hospital bills at a sufficient level. If you end up in a jam, will your travel insurance be able to provide 24-hour emergency assistance?

Will I be covered for my pre-existing medical condition?

Having a pre-existing medical condition does not mean you can’t enjoy a fantastic holiday abroad and get the cover you need. It may be a little harder to find travel insurance, but definitely not impossible. Enquire whether or not pre-existing medical conditions are covered.

Will I get a refund if I need to cancel my trip?

Unforeseen circumstances are common when planning a holiday. You may need to leave earlier due to bad weather or cancel your trip all together. Will you be compensated after you’ve made non-refundable payments and does the cover offered match the total cost of your trip?



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