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Grab Life By The Horns

PostedNovember 7, 2017

life by the horns

Are you nervous as hell to start a new business, or to break free from that dead-end relationship? Have you been dreaming of a second baby, but feel that it might be too risky right now?

Thing is, there are two kinds of people; there’s the toe-dippers and then there’s those who jump right in.

Toe-dippers stand at the edge of the water only poking the tips of their toes in. “No way – it’s too cold, maybe it’ll be more comfortable next time!” (Maybe you recognise this person?)

And then, of course, there’s those who jump right in – boots and all, into the freezing water with a shout that it’s COLD! But they swim and laugh – and they look at the toe-dippers and don’t quite get why they choose to miss out.

Truth is there’s a little bit of both in all of us, but most people are even afraid to take the slightest chance. Too often, in order to prevent looking silly, being hurt and facing rejection, or even the fear of possible failure; cause us to hold back and play it safe.

Yep, risk isn’t for everybody. From the start we are taught by our families and teachers to play it safe. “What if …”, right?  It often feels that for every decision you make, caution will present hundreds of safer alternatives. We allow fear, worry and doubt to dominate and define our lives. We allow them to steal our joy, our sleep, and our precious dreams. Jack Canfield once said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

True, you most certainly will step out of your comfort zone when you feel fearful and do it anyways, but, and here’s the great thing about doing just that; you get the satisfaction of living life on your terms instead of being a hostage to your emotions. And, hilariously, once you’re bold enough to break past the emotional blocks and just act; it’s never as bad as you think it will be! Put simply: when the WHY is strong enough, you’ll be willing enough to do any HOW.

So, if today was just another day, unremarkable and quite average, change it:

  • Know what you want and why you want it. Choose a dream.
  • Channel your inner Einstein. Visualise success.
  • Argue with your dark side. Convince yourself that you will succeed.
  • Believe that you have what it takes. Claim your worthiness, own your beauty and use your talents.
  • Be kind to yourself, and to others.
  • Take your fear to the gym. Sweat it off.
  • If you can’t find an opportunity, create one.
  • Say no. It leaves time to say yes to the best.
  • Begin now. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time.
  • Learn to love being uncomfortable. Do what you fear most.
  • Expect setbacks. It’s part of the process.
  • Celebrate progress, don’t wait for the end result.
  • Never dwell on scarcity, celebrate what you have and be generous.

Transform fearful into fearless and dive in, all in. Grab life by the horns and continue to kick ass, Every Single Day!



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