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Happy Marriage, Happy Life

PostedFebruary 26, 2015

According to numerous studies happily married couples are more likely to enjoy better mental and physical health than their not-so-happy friends. A happy marriage is linked to a lower risk of developing cancer, having a heart attack and being diagnosed with dementia and various other diseases.

What is it about being happily married that’s so healthy? One biggie: You encourage each other to see a doctor when you should; you give each other emotional support through good times and bad, which boosts overall health. Happiness, longevity and physical health tend to accrue to folks who live in a good marriage. These positive findings are probably largely about the support between husband and wife and are relevant for both men and women. So, what is the secret to a happy marriage? Answer these questions to make sure you’re on track.

How much fun are you having?
Couples who play together, stay together. At least some chunk of the day should be set aside to be alone together, even if it’s a tired twenty minutes after the kids are in bed to refresh that connection. Go on regular date nights, at least twice a month. Sneak in lunches or go in later and have breakfast together, schedule time for each other as you would for a business meeting. Don’t have an affair with the TV or computer. That passionate kiss when your partner walks in the door can easily morph into a peck on the cheek that can then morph into the inability even to look up from the computer. There’s real danger in that! Studies show that nearly half of men, who cheated, were because of emotional dissatisfaction – and not sex. It works both ways.
How appreciative are you?
The whole family will benefit from positive energy between you – happy wife, happy life. This is more than just a convenient rhyme. Show fondness, interest and compassion. Say thank you for the little things. Tuck a note into his pocket to tell him how much you love him. Text each other during the day – just to check in. The message could be naughty or nice – that’s up to you.
How much sex are you having?
The best things in life are free. Good sex is not enough to make a good marriage, but without sex your connection may become fragile.
Are you doing mundane things together?
Time together does not have to mean flowers and music. Grocery shopping or cleaning the kitchen reinforces the message that you are a team.
Are you recognizing the ebb and the flow?
Life has its ups and downs. Relationships aren’t flat lined, that’s death. We all go through times when the mere thought of life without your partner can bring tears to your eyes and a week later the constant snoring could drive you up the wall. Accept that your partner is not perfect and never will be. Give up harping about the small issues. We’ve all been there; try to find the middle ground.
Are you respectful and caring?
Make a firm decision never to be disrespectful, even in the heat of the battle. Be a good listener. Be kind. Express your feelings, thoughts and wants, allowing your partner to do the same.
How grateful are you?
Gratitude has been statistically linked to happiness and hope. Find the positives in your relationship. Express your love and gratitude for each other daily.

Living in the bosom of a happy marriage signs you up for great life benefits. Protect your investment. Remember, you get what you give; when you give better, you get better.

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