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Life in the single lane

PostedSeptember 9, 2015

You’re flying solo … solo means YOLO!
Spring and summer lead the way with fake tanning mishaps, trips to the beach and yes, a wave of weddings, which can make it seem like everyone is getting hitched. But, on the contrary, a recent study has revealed that more of us are single than ever before! Since society seems to think there’s some deep, dark reason behind being single.

Here’s some reasons why half of the population remain single:
• You haven’t met Mr Right yet and deserve better than Mr Wrong.
• You’re fiercely independent, and won’t apologize for it.
• You have high standards, and, so far, no one has met them.
• You’re figuring out ME before worrying about US.
• You love the freedom of being able to do what you want, when you want.
• You’d rather be someone who’s single, than someone who settled.
There’s nothing more annoying than a nosy friend or relative asking when you’re going to get engaged, shack up or tie the knot! Why do these benchmarks exist in the first place? Are the people who follow them happier, healthier? It is time to toss the stereotypical timeline and share your victories of independence with those who try to pity you.
Thing is, being single can be great.

Did you know that:
• Being single is associated with a decreased risk of adverse health effects from dysfunctional marriages or intimate relationships.
• Singles are more likely to be fit and healthy. Singles tend to go to the gym more, eat healthy and have lower stress levels. Studies indicate that people gain weight after starting a relationship.
• Single people also get more good quality sleep, than people who share a bed with a partner.
• Single women have better mental health than married women, especially married women who have children.

One of the greatest fears of being single is that loneliness will creep up on you like a hungry beast ready to consume you. The truth is loneliness has little to do with being alone. All of us have experienced loneliness in a crowded room, or felt empty in a relationship. The reverse is also true – you can feel blissful in moments of solitude. Being happily single is really not so different than being happy under any other conditions.

Tips to being happily single:
• Get to know YOU. Find out exactly what you’re passionate about and cultivate its presence in your life as much as possible, learn to be happy in a way that doesn’t depend on your relationship status.
• Build a healthy relationship with yourself. YOU are complete – the choice is yours whether you see this or not.
• Build your tribe. Beef up your social calendar. Don’t expect others to reach out to you.
• Have plans. Take a weekly art class, attend a community event, or do yoga.
• Have a pet. Coming home to a live being is incredibly fun and feeds that part of your heart that wants to love.
• Get physical. Reconnect with your body. Get yourself in shape while those endorphins keep your spirits flying high.
• Rediscover your creativity. It’s a perfect time to play when no one is watching. C’mon, colour in, or paint something.
• Step out of your comfort zone. Plan to go somewhere new, or do something different each week.
• Work towards your goals. Nobody is stopping you from getting the career that you want.
• Get a hobby. Whatever floats your boat. This will not only fill your time but will give you something interesting to talk about with other people.
• Travel. Explore, dream, discover.
• Be grateful for what you have. Find happiness and contentment in what already exists in your life.
• Learn continuously, because smart is the new sexy.
• Be good to yourself today. Find contentment in and within yourself – be cool, calm and collected with the person you love. You!

Living the single life symbolizes freedom, independence and untapped potential for growth. Whatever your relationship status, don’t feel pressure to conform – be happy with who you are! Waiting for the right person is not a compulsion nor is it a “must do”.

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