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Love Your Life

PostedFebruary 1, 2018


Let’s face it; the message is loud and clear; do more, be more, sacrifice sleep for productivity… rush, rush, rush! Sound too familiar?

Our lives are about striving, competing and grasping for more. We often believe the misconception that money = our value as a person. Or, that we will be happy once we are thinner, have more friends, or get the corner office. Social media ensures that we’re constantly exposed to the highlight reel of other people’s lives; giving us the idea that everyone else has a better system or better tools. Truthfully, keeping up with the Joneses can be exhausting!

But, what if you could love your “mediocre” life right now? What if you don’t want to write a best-seller, but simply want to write because you love it? What if you accept and love your body, which is neither big or small, just in-between? What if your home is simply humble and functional? Is it enough? Will it (and you) be “good enough”?

Here’s the thing, there’s nothing small-minded or “mediocre” about choosing to live a smaller, simpler, and slower life. Choosing a simpler life has immense beauty and influence. It is the end goal that many people are working toward. A life full of love, spent on things you’re passionate about, can never be mediocre!

So, isn’t it time to hit the note you came to sing? Isn’t it time to look at the bigger picture and uncover your astonishing potential by taking authentic steps that develops only from a loving relationship with yourself, others, and your life?

We need to be authentic and brave enough to shun the tyranny of excellence. Remember, this is your life, your precious time on earth. Choose to honour and make peace with who you are and accept that your life, is enough.

So, live in the moment; the past is over, and the future is yet to come. Enjoy the simple things that bring you joy, every day, whether it’s having breakfast in bed, drinking tea, or walking the dog; do more of that! Fill your day with things that matter. And, be sure to treasure your loved ones; love your child like no child has ever been loved and fall madly in love with your husband (again!), or meet the love of your life and go skinny dipping.

Make a list of things in your life that you’re grateful for and look at them every day, there are truly so many! Be kind and laugh so freely that your stomach hurts, do this often and everywhere. Focus on the good stuff, and always forgive yourself and others.

Love your life right now, every minute of it. You’re not a piece of clay that must be shaped and moulded into something better; this moment is not a stepping stone to something greater, this is it!

It’s more than okay to want a simpler, slower life… a beautiful, gentle life. A life where calm lives.





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