It’s hard to say why our sex drive plummets in winter… oh, who are we kidding! It’s freezing, and that’s just the tip of the “libidoless” iceberg.

The only thing less arousing than flannel PJs in winter is removing flannel PJs, right?! But it turns out, that’s just for women. When it comes to men, well, they are more frisky in winter. Why?

A study in the journal Perception found that men find women more attractive in the coldest months due to the lack of skin shown. When so much flesh is revealed in hot sunny weather, men become instinctively more critical whereas in winter, less skin is on show, therefore it becomes more novel and arousing to look at.

Truth is, for some couples, their sex lives take a nosedive the minute the temperatures drop. So, how do you keep sex from getting all… wintery?

Don’t let a chill in the air leave you cold for each other. Get ready to embark on the most exciting and sexy season of your life with a few alternative ways to turn up the heat between the sheets:

Wear socks. “It is scientifically proven that when a woman’s feet are warm, she has a better chance of reaching a climax during lovemaking,” says Dr Rob Alex at Mission Date Night. In fact, a study by the University of Groningen says that 30% of women are more likely to have an orgasm if they keep their feet warm. So, get your tootsies warmed up!

Drink hot, peppermint tea before oral sex. Swoosh it around in your mouth. This is great for both men and women causing a tingly sensation.

Get spooning. It’s about as snuggly as you can possibly get. Spooning allows the big spoon to freely use their hands to warm up the little spoon! Perfect for morning sex.

Give your partner a warm rub. There’s nothing like a slow sensual massage to turn up the heat. Use warming oils that feel soothing and smell amazing. Try ginger, orange or eucalyptus. This will create a tingling sensation on the skin.

Take a steamy shower. When it’s so cold you can hardly bear to expose a limb, head straight for the shower and lather, lather, lather!

Have a passionate quickie. There’s nothing wrong with having a quickie with your clothes on. It gets the job done without freezing to death!

Bring sexy back. Winter style staples include sweatpants and flannel pyjamas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear something scandalous underneath. Velvet or satin may give you a new lease on a personal winter wonderland.

Spice things up with food. Warm up with foods that contain ginger and peppers. Ginger improves circulation which in turn increases blood flow to the sex organs. Peppers contain capsaicin, causing you to feel warm all over.

A 2004 study from researchers at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, found that having sex frequently was correlated with higher levels of Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that plays an important part in immunity. Since our immune systems are weaker in wintertime, winter sex is simply the healthy thing to do.

Have fun staying warm!




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