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Relax on a Budget

PostedDecember 5, 2017

2017 has been tough so far for most of us, right? Stressors everywhere – financially, at home, and at the office.

Let’s be real, it’s pedal to the metal 24/7! Did you know that according to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development), South Africans are some of the hardest workers in the world; in fact, we are ranked third on the list?

So yes, between work, family and attempting to have a social life, we all deserve a little R&R, but how is this even possible when you already don’t have enough money for your regular responsibilities? With so much going on in our lives, finding ways to relax is critical. Too much stress can lead to, or increase the risk of any number of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal issues, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

Fact is, whether you’re planning a budget beach holiday or opting for a “staycation”, there are a lot of little stress-busters, that could help you to relax this coming festive season if you’re a little short on cash. The key is to find what works for you.

We have a few ideas on how to relax the zero-cost way:

  • Really enjoy your homemade coffee. Wake up early and brew your own cuppa while watching the sun come up. Smell the wonderful aroma and allow it to perk you up while saving money on pricey coffee shops.
  • Take a walk. Studies show that walking for 30 minutes can help to reduce stress, boost mood and increase sleep quality.
  • Soak up the sun. Vitamin D relaxes blood vessels and enhances circulation. Remember the sunscreen!
  • Reread your favourite book. Get lost for an hour or two into another world.
  • Take a hot bath, add bath salts, bubbles or fragrant oils. Light some candles and have a glass of wine while soaking away aches and pains – you’ll feel refreshed and renewed afterwards.
  • Indulge in dark chocolate, which relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • Send a “just thinking about you” text and wait for the sweet response.
  • Say “no” to an unnecessary commitment, with absolutely zero guilt. Breathe and just “be”.
  • Listen to music. Make a playlist of your favourite tunes.
  • Pet your pooch! Research suggest that snuggling with our furry friends lowers blood pressure, decreases heart rate and cholesterol levels, and boosts the immune system.
  • Stop worrying about situations that haven’t happened.
  • Start a vegetable garden.
  • Stargaze
  • Just before bedtime, relax by jotting down three things for which you’re grateful. Gratitude journaling relieves stress and aids in better sleep and improved mood.
  • Cuddle and make love to your honeyenough said!

It is such a great time to be celebrating the simple pleasures of life such as the warm weather, a bike ride, or a cool drink in hand while reading a juicy novel by the pool.

Remember, if you do decide to take a “staycation”, just make sure that you relax. Try a few of these tips on your next break to bring your stress down to that normal-crazy level and make your budget happy at the same time!








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