Who could forget the famous White House intern Monica Lewinsky being called a “little tart” in the 1998 Wall Street Journal editorial?

The thing is, women are still, in 2016, being “slut-shamed” when they are exploring their sexuality in society. Have you noticed that men can sleep with as many women as they want, getting high-fives around the office; but when women do the same, they are labelled as “sluts”?

Without a doubt, one area where this has been painfully obvious for decades is the public shaming of women who wear revealing clothes… of course, not every woman feels the need to be in tune with her sexuality, and that is absolutely fine! Still, it’s her choice, don’t you agree?

“Slut-shaming” is not really about a woman’s sexuality. It is grounded in the belief that men get to assert themselves, and women do not. The funny thing is… women are the biggest perpetrators of this fear of female sexuality. Yeah, we are the quickest to judge the skimpy outfit paired with stilettos on a night out! So ladies, if you decide not to show off your blossoms, don’t stop the other flowers from blooming!

Being sexy is in 2016 part of the recipe of heterosexual femininity. Women are encouraged, even expected, to present themselves as sexually knowing and sophisticated, both online and offline. The good news is that we no longer live in a society where a woman’s virtue is based on her virginity. The bad news is that people still act like it is, and they make assumptions about a woman’s sexual life based on the clothes she’s wearing on a given day. The truth, however, couldn’t be further from that! When a woman wears clothes that show the curves of her body, or reveal her skin, it’s because she’s confident and feels good about herself.

Women are sexual beings. So come on, let’s embrace our sexuality. Seriously, if you ask women about their breasts, it’s either too big or too small! Owning your sexual power is one of the most fulfilling – and fun! – things you can do. Forget about the act of actually having sex – just feeling totally comfortable and proud of your sexiness because the female shape and female energy are infinitely sexy and creative.

There’s no wrong way to be a woman! You can be single and love to date. You can be a CEO who has a few extra kilos and look damn good in anything. Women come in variations and we’re all amazing. You, and only you, define what it means to be a woman. And remember, you’re not doing this right if the haters and naysayers are getting to you. You’re in charge of your body and what you decide to do with it! Be unapologetic about living your life.

Exude that inner confidence and don’t be afraid to take risks. Whoever created gender stereotypes was someone who didn’t understand how beautiful individuality is. Whether confidence means to wear a bikini, a body hugging dress, or sweatpants… do ‘you’!

Seriously, start a revolution; embrace your awesome feminine sexuality.

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