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Steps to Mindful Authenticity

PostedSeptember 14, 2017

Meditation, Mindful

When did life become such a race?

Between work, family, going to the gym, and catching up with friends; we have few (if any!) precious moments to reflect on who we are and what’s important to us. Okay, so perhaps we purposefully avoid looking at our lives, because, if we’re totally honest, it can be brutal!

What we’re seeing, smelling, hearing, sensing and pondering is limited by and filtered through our churning thoughts and worries about the future, or judgements in the past. We are lost in our smartphones and television sets, often preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others on social media… literally missing out on life.

Mindful living comes with a laundry list of significant benefits. This ancient Buddhist belief is backed up by cutting-edge neuroscience, and companies such as Apple and Ford are currently incorporating mindfulness techniques to help their employees.

So, how does living in the moment change things? Studies show that by living even 5% of your life mindfully, you will more than likely see a complete transformation of your daily life from stressed, anxious and discontent, to calm, peaceful and happy. Worth it, don’t you think?

The following guidelines can get you started: Prioritise mindful living. Value your wellbeing, this is key in taking care of yourself.

Prioritise mindful living. Value your wellbeing, this is key in taking care of yourself.

Find a reasonably quiet place. All you need is 10 minutes. Close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing. Visualise that each in-breath is like drawing in bright, dazzling light from a clear blue sky. And each out-breath is letting go of smokiness or dark particles that fall away from you.

Your mind will wonder, this is normal, but bring your attention back to your breathing. Picture your thoughts like trains at a station – you’re on the platform watching them come and go, but you’re not going to jump on and go for a ride. Your breath is your anchor.

The most incredible part of this simple, profound form of meditation is that you can start to employ that focus in small, real-life situations every day.

So, become more present in your daily life and watch your happiness soar! Eat and drink mindfully, really taste and smell your food, soak up the beautiful aroma of your morning coffee. Walk mindfully, pay attention to the movement of your body and the grass under your feet. Smell and appreciate the beauty of the flowers in your neighbourhood and notice how your clothes feel against your body. Experience the sensation of water and suds on your hands as you do the washing up. Really listen wholeheartedly to others without getting lost in your own thoughts, and make sure that you do something you love every day.

Today, it’s hard to stay true to ourselves. Living mindfully will unlock your authentic self by putting things in perspective.

Remember, it’s not about raising the bar by expecting more of yourself; it’s about removing the bar and setting yourself free to enjoy a more joy-filled life.

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