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Ways To Simplify Your Life

PostedFebruary 2, 2017

Are you waiting to enjoy your lifer after the kids are bigger or when the mortgage is paid off? Are you dreaming of a simpler life, having the time to do the things that really matter to you?

Ok, so this dream is often interrupted by reality. And let’s face it, our culture has been whispering to us since we could listen: More is better. Being more successful, more efficient, more available … Yes, be more, do more, have more. More. More. More!

But, does constantly wanting more exhaust and overwhelm you? Have you become a victim of the modern epidemic – More at all costs? And of course, living a simpler life will not mean zero clutter and complications; after all we are part of the modern world, not secluded monks! But, designing a simpler life means having fewer distractions, so you can focus on what really matters. In fact, it’s all about saying yes to what’s right for you.

It’s easy to fill up our lives because there are so many things that sound amazing, and yeah, we hear about what others are doing and constantly want to add that to our lives. But remember, by not keeping up with the Jones’s you will be living with less stuff, less debt, less clutter, more freedom, more time and more joy.

Is living a simpler life worth it? By all means, yes! Time and money are two of the most valuable resources we have. When life gets simpler, the amount of these two things that a person has available will rise.  So, refute the status quo, live a simpler life and focus on what really matters.

Here are a few (simple!) tips on how to simplify your life:

  • Always ask: Will this simplify my life?” If the answer is no, reconsider.
  • Just say “no.” Overextending your life will complicate your life. Learn to love and protect a little space in your dairy.
  • Declutter your home. Your home is your sanctuary. Get rid of anything that isn’t making you feel comfortable, clean, inspired and happy.
  • Want less. Recognise that you already have everything you need to live a meaningful life.
  • Own less. How much do you really need? Not as much as you probably already have.
  • Stop and pause. Just Take note of the beautiful things that surround you: Nature, a friend, your wonderful home; be grateful for those blessings.
  • Take a “digital detox”. We’re in danger of letting life pass us by while we click away.
  • Simplify your social life. Surround yourself only with people that inspire and support you. Eliminate toxic relationships and make time for those you love.
  • Live debt free. Buy only what you can afford.
  • Track your expenses. When you know what you’re spending your money on, it’s possible to make changes.
  • Simplify your goals. Instead of having a dozen goals, focus on one goal and give it all of your energy. Not only will it make you less stressed, it will make you more successful.
  • Create a morning and evening routine.
  • Do something you love every day.

Bottom line: Life is about choices. Think about your excess and choose change. Simple!

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