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What Makes You Smile?

PostedApril 4, 2017


So, happiness … How do some people make lemon martinis out of the sourest lemons, every day?!

Is it even possible to be happy every day? Nah, can’t be done! Between our personal daily struggles, and the challenges of those we are close to; it’s easy to fall into a place of well, just getting on with life… Let’s face it, some days are easier to find a smile than others! BUT, contrary to popular belief, we get used to our circumstances so they don’t play as large of a role in our happiness as we might think. In fact, research shows that only 10% of your happiness is determined by your circumstances!

Why is it then so hard for us to find happiness on a daily basis? Turns out finding happiness in our lives means we have to understand who we are, where we stand, and what our interests and passions are. And then (this is the important part), move toward having these as part of our lives. So, it’s about our own authentic nature – something that is ever present within us, but that we somehow, sadly, often lose sight of.

But, how do we uncover our happiness?

We have a few ideas on how to turn your happy dial up a few notches with these research-backed life tweaks:

  • Energize yourself every morning. Set yourself up for a great day. We usually associate happy hour with 6pm (hello cocktails!), but a study published in Science America found that our happiest hour is, in fact, the first one of the day. So, do something that makes you feel awesome and the rest of your day will be pure gravy! Maybe listen to your favourite tune before leaving home?
  • Pump it up. Yep, exercise. Okay, no groaning now! Researchers at Penn State University found that exercise raises feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Get outside. A study published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found by simply getting some sunshine and fresh air can give you a happy boost.
  • Scribble it down. Make gratitude your attitude. Writing down 3 positive things every day will improve your mood and force you to acknowledge that good things happen every day.
  • Hang out with happy people. Every happy friend you have increases your chance of happiness by 9%! That’s according to a study by the University of California and Harvard Medical School.
  • Do good. Studies in the Journal of Health Psychology found that volunteering has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, stress and depression. Those who volunteer also have a higher life expectancy than those who don’t help others.
  • Smile! So freakin powerful! Do it everywhere.
  • Take time to smell the roses. Catch a sunset, play with a dog or feed the ducks. Be in awe of the world around you.
  • Close your eyes and relive the happiest moment of your life, every day.

Happy people are healthier and live longer; they are productive, creative problem-solvers and have more meaningful relationships with others. What more could we ask for, right?

So, ditch the “if only” mind-set.  If only I were thinner/richer, life would be better! You have the ability to control how meaningful your life is. So, what is your tried and tested “happiness pill”? Is it a song or maybe the sun on your back? Whatever it is, take it now, and take it often!

“Most people are about as happy as they decide to be” – Abraham Lincoln.

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