Truth is, we all make bad decisions from time to time. Sometimes even well-calculated and thoughtful decisions simply lead to a bad outcome. And, that’s okay, because those decisions were made with whatever information was available at the time. Let’s face it, there are many times when even the best choice has some possibility of failure.

Thing is though, we are so easily influenced by those around us. Welcome to the age of the “Information of Everything!” Yeah, we pretty much rely on “the herd” to choose a phone, deciding on which software to buy, or where to eat… It would be foolish to ignore the wealth of information, right? Life is made easier; a lot of decisions have already been made for us…

Sure, we’d like to believe that each choice we make is based on our own independent assessment and best judgement, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Our desire to be part of the “in-crowd” is a result of our evolution – but it can damage our ability to make good decisions.

Have you ever considered how profound the media influence our decisions? Whenever celebrities, researchers or experts are quoted, people rarely check the validity of any claims made. It is assumed that if “they” are endorsing, buying, or commenting on it; it must be valid information. Sadly, the result of this is that people are unresponsive to changes in their environment and not making their own decisions.

Individuals who spend too much time copying others are the norm, and decisions are outsourced. Yes, we live, but are we living the way we want to live, or the way others want us to live? We choose, but are the choices based on our own decisions, or are they imposed on us by society?

Information technology, and in many ways, social media, has extensively impacted the way we make decisions. Following “the herd” limits self-awareness and erodes instinct and intuition. A person’s identity and personality is determined by their values and beliefs. And, being fully aware of our values is a means of protecting ourselves from manipulation by others and of increasing our skills in decision-making.

So, individualist or conformist – which one are you?

Are you accepting of who you are?

Are you honest with yourself and others? Are you able to drop the social mask, reveal who you truly are without being influenced by those around you?

Do you take the time to think?

Do you educate yourself about choices, so you can make well-informed decisions? Are you willing to stand out and are you aware of how others influence your choices?

Are you a critical thinker?

In your desire to “fit in”, have you lost your individuality and expect others to solve your problems for you? Are you a freethinker - not believing anything without evidence, and not accepting anything that doesn’t resonate with your own experiences? Are you making conscious choices that contribute to your wellbeing?

Are you taking responsibility for your life?

Instead of blaming others, are you making choices, accepting mistakes, and taking action to correct them?

Social influence is a powerful source in society. Be conscious and mindful how others influence your choices.

Remember, this is your life, your story… don’t let anyone else write it!










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