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Yay for Date Night!

PostedApril 30, 2015

When you’re so focused on work, kids and just generally getting through the day, the reason why you love the person you’re with can slip through the cracks.

“Date your hubby!” the experts always say. Just because you’re married with a family doesn’t mean the spark has to die down. Flirt with each other, keep the romance alive! Sounds fantastic…doesn’t it? Truth? Did your date night vanish years ago, or has it become as stale as the bread at the Bistro once a month?

There are a multitude of good reasons to commit to regular date nights. This is the best way for couples to really focus on maintaining and celebrating their connection to each other and keeping the spark alive. When schedules are filled with work obligations, school responsibilities and household chores, going on a date with your spouse may seem like a luxury. This is where clever planning is the key to connect to your significant other.

Keeping those dates interesting can be tough. Date night should be fun. Keep things fresh by expanding your dating repertoire with novel activities. Yes, try something new! This doesn’t mean you have to give up your movie nights and start bungee jumping! Simply make the effort to think creatively about how to spend your limited time together.

Many of us need a few alternatives to the DVD and popcorn route. Here are a few fun ideas to spice up date nights (or days):

• Find a common interest. Keep challenges moderate. This should be fun, not traumatic. If you both enjoy food, take a cooking class together.
• Pencil it in. Strive to set-up at least one mini-date every week – even if it’s grabbing a cuppa java at your favourite coffee shop.
• Indulge in a different meal. Go out for a romantic breakfast instead of dinner.
• Settle in for a night of pampering. Use your empty wallets to stay in – and up – all night! Run a bubble bath and treat each other to full body   massages.
• Celebrate the first cold weekend of winter by snuggling in bed with a cup of hot cocoa.
• Go window-shopping. Look for stuff that you both want, but don’t actually need.
• Head to the bookstore and walk through the aisles together, talking about your favourite books.
• Take a road trip. Head to the country if you live in the city or to the city if you live in the country. See how the other half lives.
• Get a couple’s massage at a spa. Bonding while relaxing!
• Whisper sweet nothings.
• Have a game-night. Play cards or any two-person game you both enjoy.
• Keep it light. Conversations about housekeeping or problems are off-limits.
• Try something new together. Taking a yoga class is both physical and mindful.
• Get matching aprons and cook together.
• Take a hike and spend a few hours outdoors.
• Rent a tandem-bike and have a picnic in the sunshine.
• Volunteer for a worthy cause together. You’ll spend time with each other, and make a difference.
• Crack up at a comedy club with your honey.
• Sex is optional. Contrary to popular opinion, every good date doesn’t have to end up in bed.
• Avoid rain-checks. Try to resist the urge to cancel, no matter how hectic life is.

Make date night part of your relationship routine. Making time for your partner shows how much you care about your relationship. Enjoy each other and rediscover why you are a couple.

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