It’s finally here! Happy New Year everyone! However, if you’re feeling a little weary at the thought of new challenges in 2021, you’re not alone.

2020 threw our priorities and goals into a high-speed blender, and the truth of the matter is while the calendar might be turning a new page, much of the reality will still be the same in 2021. Chances are as you look back on the last twelve months, you may be feeling a raft of mixed emotions. Gratitude that you’ve made it through, sadness for those who didn’t, and a relief to leave 2020 behind you.

Many of us found that the pandemic brought the worst out of us as parents and partners. How do we move forward from that? How do you let go of the guilt that you may be carrying from situations you now realise you didn’t handle particularly well? Thing is, 2020 was a Masterclass in personal growth and if the 2020 memes are any indication, we’ve long been ready to start over!

True, it’s very cliché to make New Year’s resolutions. But what do you want to see when the clock hits 11.59 on December 31, 2021? Will there be professional achievements? Personal transformations? So, as you make a selfie video of you talking to yourself about your vision - nothing is more powerful (and awkward!) than a good look in the mirror – remember just as good sailors are not made on calm seas, you now have the benefit of weathered one of the stormiest years in modern history which has equipped you to rise above whatever lies ahead. You are so ready to start this year head on!

Let’s not squander the year of pain and choose to use the renewed energy that the New Year brings to bring purpose, meaning and confidence to 2021. Now is the time to sharpen our tools to reflect, renew and reset.

Think about it: how would you describe who you are now versus the person you were a year ago? You have become resilient. You have learnt how to adapt. You have learnt the importance of human connection, compassion and courage. And, you have learnt not to take ANYTHING for granted.

So, build on your resilience. Small daily rituals makes such a profound impact on your response to, well, anything. Psychologists say that rituals could be key to having a productive day and living a considered life. Continue to enjoy your morning coffee as you watch the sun rise, take your shoes off at lunch time to feel the grass under your feet, and take a minute to breathe when you feel anxious.

You’ve learnt how to make a killer banana bread, so keep doing that. Only, give it to an elderly neighbour; choose to be aware of how you can help others. Cultivate friendships and keep those closest to you even closer. Be brave this year, say yes to new experiences … plan a “Covid-concious” trip, sign up for a course or take up ping-pong. Also, keep a small journal and when something pops up that made your day, jot it down … and choose to focus on that.

365 days with 365 chances, right?

May 2021 be an extraordinary one!


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