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By now, most medical aid schemes have announced their increases for next year… but what many of them don’t announce with a lot of fanfare, is the fact that they’re on a mission to poach your employees’ day-to-day savings by cutting them back significantly – which seems to be a widespread trend for next year, even though treatment will be costing much more due to medical inflation.

Simply put, your people will be paying more, but getting less.

Conserve their cash

by switching to Fedhealth

At Fedhealth, we do things a little differently. We don’t cut benefits, and we don’t slash day-to-day savings to make our increase lower. What we do offer, is uniquely structured medical aid that YOU create according to your needs and budgets.

They can choose their own day-to-day structure (if they even want savings… we won’t force them if they actually just want hospital cover) so that they can make sure they have enough to last them through the year.

Choose how they want to pay for those day-to-day savings - a fixed monthly amount or as and when they use them.

On top of this, they can customise their cover even further with optional discounts.

PLUS, with our one-of-a-kind total package of unique benefits, we pay for a boatload of day-to-day expenses that other schemes will fund from their savings – for things like MRI and CT scans, take-home medicine after a hospital stay, trauma treatment at a casualty ward and many more.

It's time to save the buck:

Protect your staff’s day-to-day savings by giving them choice, control and flexibility.

Medical inflation and the rising cost of treatment are forcing schemes to take desperate measures at their members’ expense. Those members include your staff.

In tough times like these, affordability matters. As one of SA’s most established and trusted medical aid schemes, we’d love for you to put Fedhealth on the table as an option for your employees. This will allow them to control what they pay for, what they get and how to structure it so that it makes the most financial sense for their unique circumstances.