Does Fedhealth cover female contraception?

In most cases, female contraception, including the contraceptive pill, contraceptive rings and IUD, is covered by the Major Medical Benefit. However, the Major Medical Benefit will not cover:

  • Female contraception that is prescribed for reasons other than contraception (for example, for skin problems). Examples of contraceptive pills that we do not cover are Cyprene-35 ED, Diane–35, Tricilest, Ginette and Minerva
  • Costs of consultations or other expenses related to the IUD. The Major Medical Benefit covers the cost of the IUD itself, (for example, Mirena) but does not cover any related costs.

Other costs for contraception will usually be covered by the Day-to-Day Benefits.

This benefit, however, only covers the contraceptive pill on Maxima Core and Maxima Entryzone.