Does Fedhealth offer any extra services?

The following are the extra services your employees get from Fedhealth (they do not affect any of the scheme benefits):

The 24 hour Fedhealth Nurseline on 0860 333 432 is available for:

  • assessing day-to-day symptoms
  • emergency medical advice, including for poisoning
  • health education (e.g. for an explanation of medical terms, procedures and test results)
  • drug database (complete information on medicines, including when not to take medicines)
  • stress management
  • teenage support.

The Fedhealth Baby Programme has been put together by experts and includes give-aways and discounts as well as useful information about babies and parenthood. We offer the following benefits:

  • A phone call from a Fedhealth Baby representative each trimester and at due date to make sure mother and baby are making healthy progress
  • 24 hour Medical Advice Line
  • Immunisation emails to keep our Fedhealth parents up to date
  • New birth card
  • A Fedhealth Baby Bag with a range of products, for example, nappies and useful handbooks
  • Discounts for the best baby brands including baby Kaboosh, Boobi Blanki, Chelinos, Living & Loving, Preggie Bellies PregOmega Plus and 4 A Kid safety products.
  • Ongoing communication and education to parents.

Any Fedhealth member or dependant who is pregnant can register on the Fedhealth Baby Programme by calling 0861 116 016.