How do we communicate with your employees?

We email and SMS your employees’ claim status
Fedhealth will email and SMS a claim status to each of your employees. This shows the claims that we have received and processed. Your employee will need to ensure that we have his/her correct email address and cell number by calling the Fedhealth Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153.

Employees can find their claim and benefit information on our website
Your employees can view a full update of their benefit and claim status by registering on the Fedhealth website. They will have immediate access to all their personal information. The Fedhealth website carefully details all of the Fedhealth options and has a blog section devoted to Living Fedhealthy, where your employees can look forward to informative health and lifestyle content that gets posted.
In the Member Tools section of the website, your employees can obtain hospital pre-authorisation, apply for chronic medication and submit their claims. They can also locate Network Pharmacies, GPs and Specialists using the locator tool.
Once logged into their account, they are also able to update their personal information, conduct benefit enquiries and successfully track claim submissions and payments due to them. All brochure-ware, option selection forms and related documentation is also available as easy-to-access PDF downloads.
The site also features LiveChat, an innovative feature that allows your employees to raise any important medical aid questions they may have during office hours. Skilled consultants attend to queries in a personal, one-on-one capacity, without the need for phone calls. Your employees are also able to obtain hospital and chronic disease authorisations on the site using LiveChat.

Your employees can access their medical aid on mobile devices with the Fedhealth Member App
The Fedhealth Member App is available free to Apple and Android users and offers the following functions:

  • A view of your employee’s available benefits, showing in-hospital and day-to-day benefit availability
  • Claims Checker shows your employee’s claims history, status of recent claims and provides a claims search facility
  • An electronic version of your employee’s Fedhealth membership card
  • Access to documents – like membership certificates, tax certificates and statements that can be viewed and e-mailed
  • The ability to locate GPs, Pharmacies and Specialists on the Fedhealth Partner Network with interactive maps
  • My Authorisations lets your employees view existing hospital and chronic medication authorisations by dependant for the previous and next 90 days, as well as those in the process of authorisation
  • Contact cards for emergencies, hospital authorisations, customer care and ICE-aid (In Case Of Emergency)
  • ICE can also be viewed without your employee being logged-in, with the option to add 3 editable emergency contacts.

Your employees can message Fedhealth free of charge with the FedChat Mobile App
FedChat is available as a free download to Blackberry and Android users. This dedicated Instant Messenger channel offers your employees the convenience of being able to communicate with a Fedhealth service consultant during office hours, without the cost of a phone call or SMS, as FedChat uses the same data one uses for e-mail and Internet browsing.

Your employee can access the Fedhealthy Magazine on mobile devices with the Fedhealthly Magazine Mobile App
The bimonthly Fedhealthy Magazine is packed with articles and features to enrich healthy living. As a free download to Apple and Android users, the magazine is also available in electronic format in the Fedhealthy Magazine Mobile App.