Is over-the-counter medicine covered?

Medicines with a schedule of 0, 1 or 2 can be bought from the pharmacy without a prescription from your doctor. The cost will be paid out of your Savings Account only, (the Out-of-Hospital Expenses Benefit does not pay for over-the-counter medicine) and the amount will not add up towards the threshold level.
The Threshold Benefit does not cover over-the-counter medicine.

Over-the-counter medicine: Example

What the member does How the expense is funded
Andy feels unwell and decides to follow his pharmacist’s recommendation to take an over-the-counter flu medicine.He chooses a pharmacy within the Fedhealth network. Whether the expense is covered depends on his benefits:If Andy has enough money in his Savings Account to cover the medicine, he will not have to pay anything from his own pocket.

If Andy does not have enough money in his Savings Account, he will have to pay the pharmacy himself.

The cost of over-the-counter medicine does not add up to the threshold level.