What happens if an employee leaves the scheme?

You and your employee must give Fedhealth three months of notice in writing if an employee needs to leave.

Last contribution
Because you pay at the start of the month for the previous month’s cover, your employee’s last contribution will be deducted in the month after his/her last day of membership. We will deduct the last contribution by the third day of the month after your employee’s last day of membership.

Amount in Savings Account – if your employee spent less than he/she paid in
We pay the balance in your employee’s Savings Account to his/her new medical scheme’s savings account five months after your employee has left Fedhealth. This ensures that we can pay out any outstanding claims. Your employee must provide us with the name of his/her new scheme as well as his/her membership number so we can transfer the Savings Account balance. If your employee’s new scheme does not have a savings component, then we will pay the balance to your employee. Please make sure we have your employee’s up-to-date banking details to make this refund.

Amount in Savings Account – if your employee spent more than he/she paid in
If your employee leaves the scheme and has spent more than the monthly contributions he/she has paid into the Savings Account, your employee will have to refund the scheme with the difference. Your employee must make the refund within 10 days after the last day of membership.